Sunday, 14 June 2009

That moment of realisation.

This is the photo that was my 'moment of realisation'.It was taken back in March when I was back home in Sydney.

It's so horrible.I was mortified when I saw it.Look at the size of those arms! That tummy! The countless chins!!!!!

I can't believe looking at that,that I was once actually slim.

And here is my utterly delectable 9 stone Scotsman.I am literally double his size and weight.I've posted these up as much as a reminder to myself of why I'm doing this.

Every time the temptation of sticking a chocolate in my gob or baking a luscious cake because I'm feeling blue and want to gorge on comfort food I'll come back to these photos and motivate myself again.

Yet more reasons that I'm doing this ..........

*I want to..........................
*Wear sexy,luscious lingerie again and be able to buy out of Ann Summers and Cyber Corsetry instead of Bravissimo's floral,pastely,not so sexy range.
* Make love in all sorts of bendy positions that would make a Russian gymnast proud.
* Not feel like Jack Spratt and his wife and thinking everyone else must be thinking,'what an odd couple',whenever I'm out with my man.
* Go on some adventures next year and make my 30th year the absolute jazzy-fizzle-SHIZZ!
* For once in my life be slimmer than my sister (superficial and slight bitchy I know,but I'm sure there are many of you out there with slim sisters thinking the same)
* Compete in the Race for Life in 2010.

Most of all,I'm gonna be too fabulous for this town and don't you forget it sweet cheeks!!!!!! :D

(This pearl of wisdom was uttered last week during a drunken discussion with my sister.I'm totally sticking by it and posting it on my wall ;P )


Twinkle Eyes said...

You have written the same things as I think. My OH is 9 stone and 8 years younger, and I wonder if people look at us and think 'what an odd couple'. I have a younger slimmer sister, would love sexy undies and have more energy in the bedroom.... I'm nearly 3 stone lighter and things are getting better. ;o) You have to be in the right frame of mind when it comes to dieting and it sounds like you're there. Good luck!!