Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Call me a freak but...........

I don't like soup.Not even evil Scottish winters can convince me of the virtues of soup.I just don't get the whole liquid lunch thing (especially savoury liquid) unless of course we're talking Champers and Cocktails.

However,as a sign of my commitment and determination this week.....(yes,I know it's only the first week,of my 5 millionth attempt,but usually by now I would be rocking in a corner,a mountain of chocolate wrappers by my side and an empty bottle of raspberry Vodka on the other.) I have made and eaten a big batch of veg soup made out of some poor dying,but still edible I might add,root veg languishing in the bottom of my fridge.I am now a convert.Who knew savoury liquid could taste so good?!?!?!? Although I draw the line at organic German potato juice I once saw in a Sydney hippie Deli.

I have to say,something has just clicked this time and without even consciously realising it i have this week so far...............

* NOT HAD ANY CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! Anybody that knows me,knows that I start to convulse and hyperventilate if there is less than a kilo's worth of various chocolate stashed about my flat....add to that Vodka of various fruit infusions and a bottle of Cava.There must always be chocolate,vodka and cava in my flat.

I've only noticed today as I was frantically searching my room for my camera and happened upon 4 different stashes.I realised I had not had any,nor did I feel remotely tempted.I read on another blog to break down what your favourite vice was - eg Chocolate is just a mix of sugar and fat.I know think of that every time I look at chocolate and cry on the inside.It's like finding out your idol's flaws I suppose.

And add to that,I have managed to go out on Friday night and Saturday night for dinner and not touch a drop of anything remotely alcoholic.And a bottle of Cava and Mango Absolut vodka remain sitting in their rightful places,unscathed by the weekends social events.

* I've actually come home from work,no matter how exhausted and been totally psyched to get on my treadmill - I even pushed myself like I've never pushed before and managed a solid 10 Min's of VERY brisk power walking,even,dare I say it,nearly a JOG!

* I've cooked every meal from scratch.I love cooking so that's not so much the issue.It's more about making the time and effort for myself and thinking and planning about what I'm putting into my body instead of whatever is the most quickest and convienient on offer

This had better show on the scales or I am going to throw a drama queen strop that would even make Bette Davis quake in her boots.

I've been wondering why this time I feel soooo much more determined and motivated than I have ever before,and I've pin pointed it to the fact that I'm coming up to the age where my mother had breast cancer and this has scared me into WW submission.All those other times I tried and failed,there was always an excuse to try again another time and continue on,knowing that I wasn't as grotesquely overweight as I am now,and had youth on my side.

Now I literally have to do this as the hereditary risk is too high for me to even chance carrying around excess weight,and I am determined to run/power walk the race for life next year for my amazing Mama who's a fighter and a survivor,and in memory of the other ladies in my life who didn't.

Ok,that's a bit too morbid and serious for my liking,I'm off to munch on something angelic and hope the next 8 hours fly in.Good luck to everyone else and thank you all so much for the lovely comments :D xox


starfish264 said...

I just found your blog, via the 5+ board, and I like it. I love that you know what image you want, where you're aiming to go with the whole pin-up girl looks. I shall follow your journey with interest.

Ps - to see a glamour girl who already arrived at goal - look up Ms Bitchcakes - I think the link will be on my profile page somewhere - she rocks.

Rapunzel said...

Congratulations, you have had a fabulous week!

I can usually resist the chocolate, but cocktails? No way, I'm a lush. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doin fantastically!!!

Please can you let me know what your WW user name is via me@bryherhill.com along with your blog address - I'm updating the blog roll.


Lainey said...

Hey hey

What's happening lady. How you getting on?