Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Operation Pin-Up Girl is back in action....

First day couldn't have gone any more fabulous.Got up at the crack of a sparrow's fart to walk to work.One hour walking,AND at 7am!!!!!

Eats are totally on track.I'm stealing Linzerello's fab idea of focusing on one meal at a time.

B: Linessa (Lidl) honey nut flakers with skim milk
Mullerlight yogurt

L: 2 teeny,tiny ciabatta rolls from a Lidl multi-bag (which turned out to stretch a long way and be totally filling.)
Punnet baby plum tomatoes,ball of light mozzarella,tablespoon balsamic vinegar and teaspoon olive oil.

D: Low fat steam meal from Farmfoods (don't hate me,it's the week before payday and I had no time to cook)
Honeydew melon

S: Low fat muesli bars x 2

Not a terribly witty or intelligent post but I'm quite exhausted after thrusting my body back into action after months of inactivity.Off to bed again for another early start walking :D