Tuesday, 31 May 2011

London Town

The Scotsman and I are on the night bus to London tonight for 4 days of being tourists,escaping Glasgow greyness and general debauchery and decadence.

Oh,and yeah,the first step of our visa process.EEK! All going well,hopefully this time next year I will be married and living a lovely hippie-punk life in Kiama.

Anyways,being the geeks that we are,we are hitting the Natural History Museum,Emirates Stadium for him (I must clarify I am not an Arsenal fan - the EPL bores me if I'm honest),hopefully some sun in Hyde Park and just being happily lost tourists eating our way through the delights we can't get in the culinary abyss that is Glasgow.

If there's any hidden gems that we must absolutely see please drop me a line.Link
Oh,And I am off to track down the new Grace Kelly 'To Catch a Thief' barbie.I've developed a habit of collecting fierce bitches in plastic form (and yes,she was a princess and oh so elegant but to me,Grace Kelly is still a fierce beeatch - and that is meant in the most complimentary way.)