Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thank you to a reader

I just want to start with a mega thanks to 'So fat 4 now' (sorry hon,I couldn't find your name on your blog) for this wonderful comment to my last whiny bitch ass post.....................

Every day, every meal, every time I see a cookie, and every breath reminds me that this is the hardest thing I have ever done... 222 pounds gone, and not a day goes by where I do not feel fat, ugly, less than human and embarrassed that I am still fat. This is not easy, but it is simple. Not sure that helps..

It helped me greatly and inspired me to stay on track during my 36 hour (!!!!!!) shift,which was massively stressful and where I never got even 5 mins headspace.I then came home to the shittiest rota ever,nearly had a nervous breakdown looking at the challenging behaviours I would be dealing with and still managed to not reach for chocolate or vodka or a smoke.

Small victory but a victory nonetheless.

So thank you So Fat 4 Now.Go check him out,he's brutally honest which I totally admire and need! And he's a Great Dane lover too which always puts someone in my good books :D


starfish264 said...

I lost 4 stone, and I've kept it off for 2 years now. Only problem is, I was meant to lose at least 5 stone to get to my healthy weight and got stuck at 4. Most of the time, I'm grateful for what I have achieved, but it doesn't stop me struggling with the impulse to eat the wrong stuff for the wrong reasons most days. Take the last 24 hours for instance, yesterday was traumatic and I wanted to eat. I didn't eat as much as I could, but there was still too much wine and millionaire shortbread. But today was a fresh new day and I did great .... until I ate an entire pack of Oreos this evening. There will always be challenges, because unless someone can give me a brand new brain, I will always want food. But we keep fighting, because the only other option is giving up and being miserable. I'd rather fight it and be less miserable, any day. xx

Anonymous said...

I just saw the link to you on sofat4now's blog. I'm on the challenge too and....I live in Glasgow as well! How freaky is that?

I find it really hard to keep from eating loads at work, so how you managed through a 36 hour shift, I don't know lol!

Hope your weigh-in goes well on Sunday!