Sunday, 2 October 2011

Aussies still out drink Scots!!!!!

Ouch! Ma heed!

I think I drank my body weight in spirits last night,celebrating my sister in laws b'day,much fun was had,much merriment was made.

I am very proud to say that despite the fact I am feeling wayyyyyyyyy seedy (someone told me that means something completely different here,I mean it in the 'bleauch,someone tranquilise me and wake me up when I feel normal again') I've been taking each meal as it comes and have been very sensible today........a little too much drink again,but that's what Sundays are for,right?

I even hauled my extremely hungover arse up and down my never ending stairs to face the general public at the supermarket to get veg and low fat humous for myself (something uber greasy and about 100pp for the Scotsman) so that I wouldn't give in to a take away.

Anyways,off to nurse ma poor heed and enjoy more precious time with my lovely Scotsman.

Have a happy Sunday :D