Thursday, 13 October 2011

Devil vs Devil

Thanks for all the twitter,facebook and blog loving guys..........especially to my last picture post.

I don't know where that quote came from but I fucking love it! I will not even disguise my use of profanities because it's that ridiculously awesome that the gratuitous use of profanities is needed.

Now,I've written and re-written a post along thee lines about a million times now.Forgive me if it's a bit disjointed.For some time the total feminist,anti-body fascist,pro body acceptance in me has been totally battling the vanity in me that wants to be slimmer.I'm totally cool with the health reasons for it,it's just the vanity of it.The want to (sort of) give in to societies dictations of what's beautiful and 'normal' and what the shops dictate to be an acceptable size.

I've said before,I have never been skinny,size 14 is maybe the slimmest I was once I hit my teens but I was fit and healthy and active.I never really suffered from low self esteem,ironically I've become more self conscious in the last few years or so,but then I have been at my biggest these last few years.Plus the fact that Glasgow has to be the eating disorder/superficial/ competitive women capital of the WORLD.........outside LA,maybe ;P

Some days I feel fcuking AMAZING and gorgeous and it must show as I still get compliments from both strangers and friends,men and women,despite my ample proportions.Other days I feel like a totally unattractive lump of lard and just don't take pride in my appearance.Then I get pissed off at myself for falling into the trap of believing that I am somehow less beautiful, amazing,worthy or plain FABULOUS because I am fat.I am really trying to work on my mindset in terms of self worth as well as changing eating habits.

I hold myself back from so many things because I think 'I need to be slimmer to do that'.For example,I really want to do a Burlesque class.But I keep thinking,when I lose some weight I'll enrol.Why the fuck should I wait?!?!?!?! Why am I listening to society's voice inside my head telling me that it wouldn't be socially acceptable,offensive even to shake my jelly in a Burlesque class?

I buy gorgeous vintage style dresses in size 14 or 16 for when I eventually lose weight and deem myself worthy of dressing the way I want instead of buying those dresses in my current size and dressing the way I want NOW.

I really need to stop this attitude and I really need to make peace with my anti body fascism vs. wanting to slim down self.I am slowly beginning to console the two.I know I need to get healthier,but I also know that my ideal body is a big F.U! to the face of fashion and society.

I have no problem with girls that want this body,as long as it's REALLY what you want and not what you THINK you should be..............

BTW,I'm not sure how I feel about the message in this photo.

But my ideal is this...................................

I know for a fact a girl can be curvaceous and fit at the same time.Been there,done that.I LOVE having boobs and a bum,but how do I tell a Weight Watchers leader that?

Yes,tomorrow I am biting the bullet and joining a meeting,but I know my goal shape is going to be at least a good few stone over the WW/BMI index ideal weight.DO I just go in and continue on till I get to the shape I want? Or will that be soul destroying as I will be 1-2 stone from goal??? My ideal weight for my height of 5'6 is 55kg-69kg/8.5st-11st,by the way.My shape at a size 14 was about 12 st.

So,onto you readers,particularly you feminists out there.How do you console the body acceptance with the vanity of losing weight (disregarding the health side,as we know that's a MUST)? Do you let your weight hold you back or do you go f*ck it and do it anyways? This goes for the guys too! Is your goal weight what your WW/SW goal is?

xox Steph


starfish264 said...

I think this whole issue comes down to the individual and what you find attractive (and attainable). For me, although I admire somebody who is toned, the girls in your top pictures are a bit too skinny - I don't like seeing hip bones jutting out, and a stomach can still be toned without being utterly concave. The girl in the black corset with the red hair is beautiful though.

Like you, I have an issue with the Weightwatchers goals - I set mine at the top of my healthy BMI range, because that's pretty much where I had, to I find that having lost around 4 stone (sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less), I'm actually pretty comfortable a stone short of my original goal. I'm a comfortable 12.5 stone, size 14. Sure, I'd like to lose a little more, but only so I can tone a little, not so much to change my overall shape. I have hips, boobs and an ass. I wouldn't mind having a bit more of a waist, and a flatter stomach, but that's because I'm an apple shape and I carry most of what's left there.

My legs are not stick-thin, but they've run 10k's and duathlons, and next March they'll run a half marathon - they're strong. I'm not a waif, but I'm flexble at yoga and I can feel graceful. I parade round the beach in a bikini, and I'll walk naked in front of a man if I damn well please - little bits of cellulite be damned. Above all, I'm healthy, and grateful for that. I'd like to get a little bit fitter still, because I love what my body can do, and of course I have my vain days - who doesn't?

I'm not sure I'd call myself a feminist (I'm not even sure what you have to think to qualify as such), but I think society has twisted the optimal image of women, and men too, away from what's healthy and realistic. Most people have full time jobs, and those images that are paraded in front of us are the result the full-time job of looking good working out. I like food. I like socialising. I like the outdoors. I'm learning to like me. As I am. I look at it this way - it's not vanity that makes me want to eat right and exerise - it's knowing that my body deserves to be treated well and looked after ... and if I lose a little weight from that, then that's fine, because there will be times when i decide to enjoy myself and I'll probably gain a little. It's all balance.

ps - I loved that picture too ... although I'm almost inclined to argue that they girl they showed wasn't fat - she was a normal, average woman! x

Paul (Fat 4 Now) said...

Fab post.

I guess i just want to be comfortable. Think even at heavy end of my healthy BMI i would prob pass out haha

Fell off the wagon before and during last hols so starting again here. Restarted bloggage too x

Big and Beautiful said...

Great post! I love those bottom pictures ... those women are so beautiful! I would kill to look like them!

Honestly, in my opinion the BMI is just a sham. There's this great documentary (I'm forgetting the name of it) where this man shows that you can lose weight while eating fast food as long as you exercise and are smart about it. He has this one great scene where he's interviewing this guy, who soon reveals that according to the BMI he's "overweight," when he looks like a healthy man of average build. In other words, it, like all things, is a gross generalization of what it means to be fit made up by a team of doctors who themselves have certain social biases about what is "fit" and "attractive." I think as long as you eat healthy and live an active lifestyle you're fit in my book!