Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I totally failed and slept in last Friday and missed my WW meeting

This week however,I finish a sleepover at 8am,literally 5 mins away from my meeting.So I will hang about at a cafe with a good book and nursing a strong coffee till th

e damn meeting opens!

I am so glad to see Paul back on the scene,and I know this is slightly sadistic of me,but I am so glad to see I'm not the only one who has fallen off the wagon,BUT I am so pleased to see that so many of us keep on climbing up that wagon until we finally succeed.

And please remember.........

Onwards and upwards!



Claire M said...

best of luck with the meeting. To be honest, one thing I'm very thankful for with regard to my fitness/healthy eating journey is that I'm very lucky and have plenty of free time! remember how well you're doing juggling everything and focus on that.It's so hard to be good when you're busy and tired!you go girl!! :D x

Cathy said...

So glad to find your blog! I love all the pics.

Paul (Fat 4 Now) said...

Onwards....and....Downwards ;)

Melinda said...

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