Thursday, 13 October 2011

Glasgow Girls

I work with a few challenging kids that are 2:1.My fellow colleagues are usually girls much younger than me - 21,22 years old.I would HATE to be a young lady in Glasgow.

Growing up in Sydney,we young ladies preferred the fresh faced,natural look.Full faced make up was reserved for weekends only.Night time at that.Fake tan was/is non existent.You hardly see a sun bed/tanning salon anywhere and ladies seem to be less hard on themselves and their bodies and less damn competitive.

Don't get me wrong,stroll down Bondi Beach and you will be reaching for the bottle of anti-depressants.Trimmed,taut,muscly bodies.The women have AB's ffs.But Bondi is it's own little world up it's own arse.

Anyways,the other day myself,and a few of my colleagues were meeting up with our respective kids we support.Now it was 10am on a Saturday morning,so none of us had had breakfast.The 3 young ones were going out into town that night,so none of them had breakfast.Or any other meals for the rest of the day.

The reason?So they wouldn't have a bloated stomach that night.This was 10am.They weren't going out till 9pm.Then there was the spray tans,fake nails,hair straightened,make up troweled on etc. all organised and planned ahead with military precision.Does no girl do natural in this town?????????

Think TOWIE times 20!!!!!!!

Then when we went our separate ways,one of the girls was stressing out because there was another girl coming who was 'pure gorgeous'.In other words,she was worried she would be out shined by the other girls.The solution was to bare as much flesh as possible with the most amount of make up possible.

Why do young ladies in Glasgow feel the need to compete with each other and be so harsh on their bodies? Do they not realise that the men they are after don't care about the tiny bit of tummy or that little bit of cellulite? Do they not realise that a (decent) man cares more about their gorgeous smile and their lovely personality than their tan or lack of and their shovelled on war paint? Whatever happened to having a fun girls night out with your friends,rather than the whole aim being to get a man at the end of the night? When will girls of Glasgow realise they don't need to freeze their little arses off in the teeny,tiniest of outfits in order to out 'shine' the other girls out there and snag themselves a man????

I love my make up as much as the next girl,but for me less is more.Sheer mineral make up as close to my natural skin colour as possible.It makes me so sad for my lovely,gorgeous,younger friends,that they feel their worth is only determined by how short their skirt is and how pretty they look.