Saturday, 29 October 2011

Let's stop this damn nonsense!

You all know I am a hard rocking chick from way back when.I detest the X Factor and everything is stands for and what it's doing to the music industry.

I do,however find myself sucked into watching it week in and week out and even,God forbid,tweeting about it!

This week especially I just can not shut y mouth about it.We've all seen the incredibly cruel comments dished out on this here web thingy,primarily aimed at the women and their physical appearances.

Sami - fat,lesbian.Cue the jokes about food,weight and wanting to sleep with all the female contestants.Jokes that a 5 year old would come up with.So Sami is FAT and GAY.


Does Craig get the same treatment?????? He's slightly overweight.NO! Is it because he's a guy?!?!?!?!? I don't know for sure.

Then of course there's that poor wee lassie from Little Mix.OK,she isn't conventionally beautiful.She's kinda quirky looking but I think she's really cute.But there have been INCREDIBLY cruel comments comparing her to a slovenly,South American animal,jibes about her weight etc.This girl is by no means over weight.And she is just that,a GIRL.Whatever your thoughts are about X Factor can we justify publicly villifying a wee lassie all over the internet for daring to chase her dream?

It was heartbreaking to see her crying her eyes out on X Factor this week and then still seeing the vicious taunts on Twitter in reply to her wee segway.

C'mon guys,we need to be building each other up,not tearing each other down.I admit I love a wee gossip as much as the next girl and I love having a wee bitch session with my friends but we never venture into such cruel territory as someones appearance.Dress sense maybe,but not their physicality,as in their actual face,beauty and looks.

We are also,however very complimentary to each other and strangers about their nice shoes,dress,jewellery etc. I'm very lucky that my small group of girlie friends are wonderfully supportive and complimentary.We build each other up,we don't tear each other down.My girlfriends and I are very outgoing and think nothing of complimenting a stranger.Some may run away thinking we've escaped from Carstairs,but for me,it makes my day when a stranger compliments me.

So today I am making a vow to the blogging world that I will try my utmost to stop bitching and tearing down my fellow females (and males),and do my utmost to compliment my friends and strangers.I will do my utmost to stop judging a woman on the way she presents herself to the world and try and do my wee bit to build each other up.


Tim said...

It was pretty awful to see the wee girl crying on TV, I hope a lot of people got the message that it's not nice to slag people off and hopefully they'll take a long good look at their own attitudes and change for the better.

Miss Frangipani said...

It was heartbreaking.That could've been my wee sister.Horrible,horrible people.There were still REALLY nasty comments on twitter even after her breaking her heart crying on telly.Hope you're OK hon.x