Sunday, 30 October 2011

Shhhhhh,don't tell the Scotsman..............

But today was Afternoon Twee.It's a monthly Vintage fair just on the other side of the park from me,i.e. the posh part.

I'm really trying to be good and not spend too much money,as our move to Oz will hopefully be happening in the near future but I couldn't resist these finds.................

Tropical pin up girls,BELA LUGOSI Dracula and macarons courtesy of wee sister.

Then I spied the most awesome vintage bag EVER.....................

I wanted it as soon as I saw this but my sister convinced me to take a walkabout before deciding,as I NEVER wear beige or neutral colours.So sadly I left it and another women went straight over with her friend to check it out.

Whilst walking about all I could rave on about was that bag and how brilliantly it would go with the ample leopard print in my closet.Soooo,wee sister convinced off we went to see if it was still there.And would you believe after purchasing it,that woman that was looking at it after me came back to buy it?!?!?!? PHEW!

I know it has a few marks on the front but it is so utterly divine I have been smiling all day.Over a freaking bag! Le sigh.