Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Onwards and upwards........

Hello Lovelies,

I feel infinitely better after my last stressed post.I have actually managed to say 'NO' and stick to 2 days off each week this month!!!! Big achievement in this workaholic's life.

I have spent today's day off being leisurely and trying to learn how to crochet amigurumi.FAILED! Are there any crafters out there? How long did it take you to learn crochet beyond a single chain?

I did however successfully bake some choc raspberry cupcakes and some Earl Grey cupcakes.I've only ate one and the rest will be distributed amongst friends and collegues.It isn't even about the eating any more,I just like the zen and ritual of baking.I've ate uber healthy and pretty much vegan all day,though for dinner I'm trying out the sausage and chorizo casserole thing from the latest WW magazine.

In another fail! I forgot to weigh myself today.I actually seriously forgot,not a bury my head in the sand kinda forgot.

I've learnt to stop reading the 'success' stories and simply go straight to the health tips and recipes.FFS,most of the success stories STARTED at a size 14 this issue!!!!!!

Aaaannnnnnndddddd,THREE different people commented that I had lost weight this week.Don't know how the hell coz I've not been exercising or eating healthily so that was a nice surprise.Onwards and upwards from now on! :D


Headspace said...

It's always great when people comment on your weight loss, and I guess it must feel even better when you don't expect it! Good for you!

Scary Mary said...

Wonderful to hear that you (and others) are seeing results from your hard work! I believe you can achieve anything in the world, just as long as you want it bad enough:) Go girl!!

Good to hear that you grant yourself some time off from work too. I think it's important. Myself, I cherish my two days off every week so much.. I used to work Saturdays, just have to say; not again! I want (and need) my me-time:)

Re: Thanks for your wonderful feedback!! *Moah* ;)))