Tuesday, 22 February 2011

.....................ARGH MEN!!!!!

Last night I was telling the Scostman how I vow to be healthy and fit again and how much easier it is to be active and eat healthily in Australia and that I will be giving up smoking and general crap when we are at home and swimming and walking more in the sun and surf.

He said (incredulously in a loud Scottish voice) 'You've been trying to be healthy for the last 3 years!!!!!!!'

He has not been seen since.

Seriously tho,I was kinda quite hurt from this flippant remark.I know it's my fault that I've not been disciplined and keep losing and regaining this same stone for the last 3 years,but it still cut to the bone.To hear from him that he's noticed my prolonged failure at weight loss.

Once the hurt subsided,I know he's right.I NEED to stop fucking about.3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Claire M said...

awww!It's really tough circling like that! But it seems you're on the right track! I know it's cheesy but a positive outlook is actually the way to go- concentrate on what you've achieved and look to the future! xx

Emma said...

Oh thats tough trust the scotish to come out with cutting remarks!
But honestly I agree with you I had 20kg to loose and once we got over here in the fabulous sydney sunshine I was much happier and more active and it was a hell of alot easier to lose the weight. Infact if i'm honest I hardly put in any effort at all! x