Saturday, 26 February 2011

30 days of photos

Inspired by Rapunzel and after having researched this and found the Facebook page,here is the first of the 30 days of Photos.........

Day 1:A picture of yourself with 10 facts..............

1. I'm a very typical fiery Aries,yet at work I have the patience of a saint.

2. I never thought I would fall in love before I was in my 30's and certainly never thought I would be planning my marriage........EVER! I was so determined to see as much of the world as I could and not let a partner get in the way till I was at least in my mid thirties.

3 .Despite this I've always been a hopeless romantic and adore old,traditional fairy tales.The more tragic the better,Like the original Little Mermaid or Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame.

4. Despite being a total water baby and loving nothing better than swimming in the ocean,I will absolutely freak out if I cant touch the bottom and have a fear of open water.

5. I was a painfully shy child.My Scotsman still doesn't believe this.

6. I have never,ever worn a bikini.Even at my slimmest.I can't wait for the day that I do.

7. I feel more beautiful with tattoos,yet I love the fact that (until last year) my Scotsman was a completely blank canvas.

8. I actually went through a very butch phase for a few years in high school.Still totally loved all the old school glamour and Marilyn and Dietrich but totally dressed like a dude.My girliness evolved as I left high school and grew comfortable within my sexuality.Don't ask me the logic behind this.

9. If I could,I would wear ballgowns and tiaras every day ala Moira Shearer in the Red Shoes.The scene where she runs up a million steps to the beautiful old mansion,and shes in a beautiful flowing chiffon gown and tiara,...............just because.

10. I love old school kung fu movies and wish I could kick ass like Bruce Lee.


Emma said...

oh my gosh I've been offline for what feels like forever and come back to find you're moving back to Oz!!!
Congrats on the move and the wedding! I can honestly say that moving to Sydney was the best thing I've ever done in my life, i'm so much happier and healthier here and we've never looked back since.
Perhaps we can meet up when you finally get back out here. I know the visa is a long journey (we've been working towards our permanent visa for almost 3 years!) so best of luck with it all! xx

Claire M said...

swit swoo! you look very fab and glowy in that pic!
great post too!