Saturday, 26 February 2011


GAH! I need a new job but most support worker roles need an SVQ or some sort of qualification.12 years experience with the most challenging and medically needy of children and adults count for nothing if you don't have that piece of paper it seems.

Sorry,I don't mean to sound like I'm belittling qualifications,but it's very frustrating that I've had to take huge steps BACK down the career ladder (I used to be a team leader/manager in Oz,working my way up after 6 years) since I've come to the UK.I get frustrated with the fact that someone with little or no experience can come in and be a manager/team leader and yet my 12 years counts for nothing.All I can become is a support worker for average pay,no chances of working up the way.

Och well.One day (hopefully) I will have saved enough money to go back to Uni and put myself through a Child Psychology degree,specialising in early intervention for children with Autism.Yep,I'm a girl who knows what she wants.

In the meantime,I'm spending my Sat night in with a glass of rose,flat to myself and searching through job listings.It's been pretty fruitless so far,so I may just stick with the job I have.Hmmmmmmm..........................

Eating wise,I've been good,all within points.Gym time planned for the month.Nothing else to report tonight.I'm being a boring old fart.



zanyzana said...

Hey there, I'm an Aussie TAFE teacher. I think I remember that you're coming back to Aus soon?? Anyway, here's the plan. Start gathering evidence of your experience and skills in your field of work (documents you've created / used, references etc). When you're back here, complete the TAFE course in your area (prob a cert III or cert IV is the lowest level that you'll have to start at) and apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (but do it through mainstream enrolment, it's sooo much cheaper.) Then go to uni, you'll prob get credit for your TAFE studies and bob's ya uncle! A few years to achieve, but it could be done!!