Friday, 25 February 2011

............ Health MOT's,peace love and mungbeans and more wedding stuff

Today I went to the family planning clinic for a sexual health MOT.

My blood pressure is higher than it should be and I've been told to see the doctor about this and my weight.Fucking hell,I'm 30!That's a bloody big scare and it's got to keep me motivated more than a wedding dress.

Spurred on by this I visited Glasgow's most well known local organic-fairtrade-healthy hippie store as it was just around the corner.Funny side story:of all the hub clinics I could've chosen I've been unknowingly going to the central one that's predominantly frequented by Glasgow's prostitutes,or 'night butterflies' as they are called in Indonesia.I amused myself by trying to decipher who in the waiting room were working girls and who weren't.

But back to Grassroots.I love looking a other peoples grocery hauls on their blogs - Laura is particularly good.So here's my haul/food porn..............and please excuse my stained sofa

Organic fruit purees which I love -kinda like grown up baby food ;P Apple and strawberry,apple and plum and apple and mango.Miso soup,dried apricots to go in my Palestinian Organic Couscous.I was attracted to them as the grains are 3 times the size of normal cous cous and they are made by a Palestinians women collective.Also some low salt organic chicken stock and soya coffee cream.I'm addicted to this stuff after Germany.They don't really use milk in their coffees and coffee=proper ground stuff,not instant.Divine!Hopefully the soya stuff is just as good - I'm hoping so as it's German.

In My fridge are a couple of boxes of marinated tofu,organic soy blueberry yogurt and soy apricot and guava yogurts.YAY! GUAVA! And yes,seeing as it's Friday night and my sister is coming over for girlie time there are my favourite Rekordelig Strawberry and Lime ciders.

And heaven sent Lidl.Got 2 punnets of blueberries mega cheap (99p),for freezing.Golden kiwis which I have never tasted before.Cauliflower,broccoli,organic carrots and cucumber in the fridge.I always feel dirty if I spend too long picking a cucumber ;P Plus I got that punnet of mixed plum,cherry and golden tomatoes.

I've also finally got my rota for the coming month.Work is a lot less crazy thanks or no thanks to the budget cuts to care,but on a plus side I have a hell of a lot more time for the gym.

Oh,and I wont be getting the shoes till next month as I found the most gorgeous handmade,one off headpiece to wear.I have been a longtime blog follower and admirer of the darling Frollein Von Sofa.Her hats are beautiful works of art and I have seen so many that I wish to own.When I saw this post however,I just knew that the last hat had to be mine!

Raspberries,white flowers and a wee veil! It's perfect.I love the fact that it has flowers,but not frangipanis which is what everyone would be expecting of me.Raspberries,which after mangoes and chocolate are possibly my favourite food in the world.And the wee veil with polka dots is just too damn cute.A nod to tradition without being totally traditional.

I just cant believe I have a whole year to wait to wear it..........and it totally ties in with the shoes :D


Claire M said...

food pornnnnnn!! :D
Lidl rocks!! I've just stocked up the freezer with so much smoothie fruit and green beans that it'd barely close! ha!