Monday, 28 February 2011

The gym turned my brain to mush........

Short and I will admit kinda boring post.Sorry!

I went to the gym after my sleepover shift this morning.The first time since Xmas (disgraceful!) 45 mins walking and 15 mins on the cross trainer.Thought I would ease myself in again,but my pace and intensity was surprisngly higher than I thought.

Vegetables and fish have now invaded my fridge and I am determined to finally make sushi tonight so I don't end up eating crap when I'm on community support shifts tomorrow.We are entitled to a meal out with our service users,some days,such as tomorrow,that means lunch AND dinner.Not good.

Hopefully the next time I post,I will have photos to post of some kick ass home made sushi.



starfish264 said...

Home-made sushi! Awesome! I loves me some sushi, but would have absolutely no idea how to go about making it at home .... but oh my god, is it delicious! :o) Definitely show us some photos.

Petra said...

I´ve never tried sushi! So something, which has to be done! I love fish.

Good on you for walking and crosstraining it!