Wednesday, 2 March 2011

This could only happen to me........

The borrowed laptop that I have been ever so careful with has gone kaput!Well the laptop is ok,it's just the plug won't charge.Changed the fuse to no avail,ordered a new charger/plug from EBay so hopefully that will be problem solved.

So it will be short and sweet posts from the iPod for the mo.Sushi was a success,and scaring easy.The hardest thing is getting the rolling right,or that may just be clumsy me as I was using a proper sushi mat.It's probably easy.......if you're coordinated.

No gym yesterday or today due to long days,but definitely morrow and fri.The weekend is out as I have my first sat night and sun off with the Scotsman in yonks!

Going to make him sit down and read the visa application and info cover to cover......all 100 odd pages of it!

Promise sushi recipe and photos will come soon and I will try and reply to all your lovely comments either tonight or tomorrow.xox

*******I've now decided to haul my ass to the gym tonight.No excuses-it's open till 9.

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Claire M said...

yay for gym! I'm returning from a leave of absense tomorrow!
good luck honey!