Monday, 7 March 2011

UGH! After a near angelic week culminating in a 4 lb loss I've been totally crap with the eating and drinking on the weekend.............well Sat. night and Sun.At least Saturday wasn't a total write off.

Failed to go to the gym today.Was famished after work and so came home and ate crap instead.ARGH! Plan to walk to work tomorrow and gym Weds,Thurs,Fri to try and repair some of the damage.

Any tips on how to eat well when in a relationship with a hunk a spunk o' Scottish beefcake that can eat whatever he wants and never put weight on,please send them my way.


Petra said...

That´s so unfair!
Maybe just letting know, that even naturally thin people need healthy food????

Pretty lame, I know. Maybe tell him, that sex is always sooooo much better, when he didn´t eat lots of crap. Simply lie!!

Miss Frangipani said...

Oh Petra,tell me about it! Das ist zehr scheisse! I do worry that it will catch up with him on the inside even though it doesn't show on the outside.Can't be doing his blood pressure or general health any good,but even more frustratingly so,he is hardly ever ill and always passes his health MOT with flying colours.

Funnily enough,part of what spurs me on is the positions and lingerie we'll be able to get into once I'm healthier,slimmer...........and more flexible ;P x