Monday, 21 March 2011

Saturday WI

Stayed the same.Pretty pissed off,I don't understand how -intense exercise 4 days of 7.Stayed within points and didn't touch activity points.At least it's not a gain,but I still thought there would be something lost.

In the grand scheme of things I know it's a minor pain in the arse compared to what other people are going through,so I'm off to make a meal and gym plan for the week and try and look forwards.



Tamara said...

Don't get too disheartened - when I started exercising properly again I was initially really disappointed, it wasn't till I started eating every last one of my dailies and weeklies and occasionally dipping into my activity points that I got the weight moving again. To give you an idea, one week I earned 43 AP's and probably ate about 10ish of them. Now, if I earn more than 35 - 40 AP's I eat some, any less and I generally don't need to touch them.

Chin up!
T x

Miss Frangipani said...

Thanks Tamara.I've managed to give myself a good shake and am focusing on the next week and continuing to exercise instead of looking at what the scale says.I'm using my inhaler a lot less and feel that my skin looks better so that's something positive to focus on.Thanks for the advice,I'll definitely make sure I eat some activity points - with healthy choices of course! x