Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Green monsters and monter workouts

I feel soooooooooo much better about things after having a wonderful girlie night.Lot's of good girlie chat and wedding porn.I'm addicted to and my girlies came up with some more goods.I've got a few companies to ring up thanks to a colleague.So I'll just keep chugging away till something better comes along.

Hauled my ass to the gym in the near cyclone conditions Glasgow is having.Epic 90 minute workout! 50 mins on the treadmill and 25 mins cross trainer.My eyes are currently being held open by match sticks,I'm so exhausted.

Nothing like some fashion porn to kick a lady's butt into gear.My colleague and I took one of the ladies out for a post of lunch and window shopping at Debenhams.LOVE Star by Julien Macdonald especially that dress.And H by Henry Holland has some absolutely adorable pin up style pieces.

Eating wise I've been mega good,though I had porridge for dinner.The weather outside was so horrible it was just what I wanted and filled me up,staving off the chocolate.

Oh and I made my first ever Green Monster.It was divine!

OK,It's not very green but there was 2 handfuls of spinach in there.Plus 1 handful each of frozen mango,strawberries and blueberry mix.Teaspoon cashew nut butter and kara coconut milk.I'm already looking forward to tomorrows!