Wednesday, 16 March 2011


In more positive news,I lost 2 lb's which brings a loss of 6 lb's in 2 weeks! I've finally broken the stone barrier which has eluded me the last year.

I've also been to the gym 4 days out of 5 (!!!!!) and worked really fact I nearly ran for a few seconds on the treadmill.Thought better of it though,as for 1) I would've ended up with 2 black eyes,and 2)I don't think my poor joints are ready for my jelly at speed higher than a power walk.

I'm thinking about booking in for a personal training session every 2 months or so.At £28 they're quite pricey,but I feel I'm kinda clueless.Generally I do 1 hour or more of cardio,then about 15 mins of weights,then sometimes a quick swim.I don't know if I'm doing the right weights though and how many I should be doing etc.Plus I need some sort of lower back strengthening program as my back is still a little tender,2 days after a shift at a house where there's some pretty intense (and most probably illegal!) manual handling.Plus it will help me see how I'm progressing.

I've got a few uber easy,uber quick recipes to share,but I will have to post them another time as I am completely shattered after such intense physical exertion and an intense shift at work.Till next time!



Petra said...

Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch to your weightloss.

If you can afford a PT, go for it. I can´t really, but I still do it :-)

Miss Frangipani said...

Vielen dank,Petra,ja £28.50 ist zehr teuer,aber ich denke das ist wertvoll.

Sorry,did that make sense?I really must practise meine satze geabaude.....My sentence structure and grammar.

I think I can ty and squeeze a budget in for a personal training session once every 2 months,just to get some instruction for an exercise/weight program and see how I'm progressing and that I'm on the right track.x

Claire M said...

Eurgh!That IS expensive! Don't they offer something in your gym where they can do you a free 'programme'?I got one done a few months ago- very helpful. Didn't stick to my plan in any way because I'm badass like that (:P) but was definitely good.
Ps: I understood your German!

Tracey said...

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