Thursday, 11 November 2010

************** Dedication is................

A 70 minute cardio session and 20 minute swim after less than 3 hours sleep on a 16 hour sleepover shift.Traipsing backwards and forwards and backwards again to another gym because my local one is closed due to a fire in the sauna (?!?!?!?!) And yes,these were 2 completely separate events!
I'm back on the wagon babeeeeeee!

Totally motivated
and loving the new Pro Points plan - I have lost 2 lb's in 5 days!!!!!! (My WI day is Fri,but started new plan on Mon).FRUIT IS ZERO POINTS!!!!!! This makes for one happy Galah and so much easier for me to stick to plan.I've even managed to squeeze in Nigella's Strawberry and Almond Crumble for pudding tonight and stay within points.

I've been sticking to my cooking from scratch rule and eating so damn healthily I should be sainted................and it's all down to the free fruit rule.I've not even been tempted by CHOCOLATE,as I always have fruit on hand.In fact,I now have a
Honey Pomelo and 2 Persimmon in my possession which I have no idea what to do with.What did we do before Google?

I'm really hoping this will be the last of many re-starts and I thank you
loyal readers for sticking by me as the scales gone up and down and up and down and up and,hopefully for the last time,down again.

I'm continuing on my Operation Reclaim Pin Up Girl by indulging in buying new bras.When you're a big breasted lassie like me

(OK,for the record I'm a 38 HH),you will know how utterly depressing and heartbreaking,not to mention expensive it is,to buy bras that aren't frumpy and granny like.But I now am in possession of 4 new bosom enclosers,ranging from a gorgeous and sexy black and purple number to a funky and very 1940's style red and rose printed number to a very cutesy white lace and pale blue Stepford Housewife - in - a - good - way bra.

Extremely pleased,feeling uber sexy and pretty (depending on the bra ;P )
I'm also continuing to make sure that my nails are always lovely and painted and when not working I am getting myself all glammed up.All these little things to reclaim my former self and make myself feel good.............................whether I'm large or slim.xox


Tamara said...

Just catching up with everything and everyone after a few months of complete and utter madness.

I've just rejoined WW and started the new plan this week - the 0 points in fruit has been an absolute godsend for me too.

Thank you for being an inspiration!

Jesuiseval said...

"(OK,for the record I'm a 38 HH),you will know how utterly depressing and heartbreaking,not to mention expensive it is,to buy bras that aren't frumpy and granny like."

I am currently wearing a 40G. the cups fit and the band has gotten too big (aka I have shrunk, my boobs have NOT) so I fear that the quest to even FIND a bra in my new size (likely a 38H or HH) will only greet me with failure. I feel your bra shopping pain to the fullest. I want so badly to just buy bras online but I've done this twice and had no luck. Bras don't just fit because they have the right number/letter combo on the tag, and they all fit in such uniquely wrong ways, too. LOL I am going bra shopping with my bf this weekend and he is IN FOR IT... but it was his idea so I'm gonna let it happen. I hope they have something for me and the girls. ;)

Staying a dolled up totally helps me feel good too and that always leads to positive outcomes.

Rapunzel said...

Whoo-hoo, you are smokin', girl! I can feel your motivation and energy all the way here! ;)

While I'm not quite as..ahem..buxom as yourself, I do find bra shopping to be a miserable chore now that I'm no longer the perky 34B I was in my younger days. Do tell, where did you find larger-sized cute bras?

Miss Frangipani said...

Thank you ladies for stopping by and your beautiful comments.I am feeling uber motivated and happy and gorgeous so fingers crossed (again) this is the last attempt.

As for the bras......Don't get me wrong,I love having curves and being able to fill a corset like nobody's business but ARGH! BRAS!

Freya ( do amazing bras - cute to funky to girly to sexy and the fit is amazing.They do gorgeous swimwear and bikinis too.Ever since I discovered them I've not gone to any other brand,tho I hear Panache is good as well.Hope you can find them in the States coz they are fab - Ebay is much cheaper for the real thing too.

Good luck ladies,I feel the bra shopping PAIN!The only thing I would have to fault Freya with is they don't do UBER sexy bras,youknowwhadimsayin? Sexy,yeah,but not UBER sexy-make-my-man-wanna-throw-me-on-the-bed-there-and-then bras.Sorry if that's TMI.

Actually do UBER sexy bras and other paraphanelia.I can only fit into their knickers as they only go to a G cup ;P