Friday, 19 November 2010

I called in sick yesterday,not that I really was.I was just mentally exhausted and quite frankly my mind was telling me I needed a day off.

Instead of catching up on sleep and having a leisurely lie in,my body clock must be so damn used to getting up early that I was awake at 8:15am!So I faffed about and had a relaxed morning,finally got around to making some Apple and Cinnamon pancakes that I bought on a whim from the local natural food store. Yes,they are from a box and they came in at 7 points for a (HUGE) pancake,but they were so freaking good! Fluffy just like the American style pancakes you get at restaurants............and this day off was the equivalent of a Sunday off for me,so a little decadence was called for.

Another mega gym session - SIXTY MINUTES ON THE CROSS TRAINER!!!!! When I first started I could barely do 5 mins! Followed by 30 mins treadmill and about 20 mins of weights.Now slap on a pair of bunny ears and a cotton tail and call me a Gym Bunny :D

The gym is now non negotiable for me.I need to do it and I need to do it whole heartedly,not only for vanity and weight loss but for my health.I can no longer rely on being young,not that 30 is massively old but you know what I mean.I need to face the reality that I can't continue eating and being slovenly the way I have been and more importantly the gym is an outlet for what would otherwise turn into comfort eating - home sickness,loneliness,boredom and SAD.So maybe that's the reason I've been going so hardcore lately,it's an outlet for my stress and frustrations.

I still have to find the courage to join the Body Balance class.I am so scarily uncoordinated that I'm scared I'd accidentally kick someone in the face or body slam them into the wall.So I'll just concentrate on the swimming,weights and cardio for the moment.

In other news,my life is pretty boring at the mo.Staying in and saving the pennies as it's sooooooo bitterly cold and Mum and Dad are
finally coming to Glasgow in a couple of weeks and we will be having our first Xmas together in nearly 7 years,in Berlin :D Can't wait.As you all know I LOVE Berlin,but Berlin at Xmas will be magical.

Lastly,Claire has written an awesome post,go check it out.


Claire M said...

I feel so special getting a mention!!! :D Thanks lady!!!
Well done on the gym! No way would I be able for that much cardio! Wowza! And I totally feel the same on the mental wellbeing and gym thing. I was in a horrible mood on the way to the gym the last day and by the time I left I'd forgotten all about the crap! :) The gym rocks!

Tamara said...

Go for it with Body Balance, you don't really need to be co-ordinated at all - I first tried that class around 4 years ago when I was at my heaviest and it was amazing. Initially I wasn't majorly flexible but it was amazing how quickly I saw changes and also how well I slept after it. I used to do BB at various Glasgow Clubs and wholeheartedly recommend it.

Elena said...

I should try Body Balance..