Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Travels in Burma and Slothness

Yesterday was a sleepover shift,but I managed to get one of my service users out for a 25 min walk X 2 to the swimming pool and back.50 mins exercise for the day :D
Today I was meant to go to the gym,but just couldn't face it.After finishing at 8am I then had an Autism Awareness course for a full day (and after 12 years in the field I could write a book on Autism myself!).................after a 24 hour shift.My body and mind just couldn't hack it.........but I did manage to resist the chocolate biscuit tins all day.

I now have a wee dilemma - do I weigh in a day early or a day late? I'm thinking a day early.I'm seeing all these amazing first PP week losses and am so damn curious after all my sweaty betty sessions.

I worked in a flat that had Sky last night.Sky=LA Ink and Miami Ink back to back.Love,love LOVE it! It's so superficial but when I feel like giving up at the gym/pool I just keep thinking of my awesome sleeve and how it will look when I'm prancing about in my gorgeous Collectif dresses.

stly,I know that politics is a very divisive and emotive subject but I just have to express my admiration and happiness for Aung Aan Suu Kyi and the people of Burma.I travelled to Burma in 2004 and the decision wasn't taken lightly (along with China).Ethically I was torn but in the end I decided to go for it and I am so glad I did.

Some of my favourite and happiest backpacking memories - and the one scariest,were in Burma.I had so much fun teaching an English class in a Buddhist monastery,chatting with local biker boys over chai in wee street cafes and making right the wrongs in the world and especially Burma,in hushed tones over vegetarian dishes with some of the most resilient and strong women I have ever met.

I hope this a closer step to freedom for Burma and it's wonderful people.