Thursday, 18 November 2010

I love Pro Points!!!!!

Day early weigh in shows a loss of FOUR POUNDS!!!!!!!

I'm now at the lowest weight I have ever been for the last 2,possibly 3 years.

Another mega gym session - 30 mins treadmill -and I hit the highest pace I've ever managed on a treadmill.

40 mins X-trainer (!!!!!!!)

20 mins swim - I managed to do full laps without stopping.Again,something I've not been able to do since I left Sydney.

Anyways,all these wee mini achievments have left me totally knackered and today is my only day off for like 3 weeks,so I'll sign off for now.xox


Roxie said...

Pro Points isn't available here in the States yet. I'm so intrigued.

I may have to try WW!

Woohoo to an awesome week!

Miss Frangipani said...

I definitely recommend it when it comes over there hon.Fruit is zero points,which is a total life saviour and binge deterrent for me personally.I find it so easy to follow and more importantly STICK TO.In fact this is the first plan in a long time I've been totally enthusiastic about and that I actually think I will stick to for the long haul.x

Claire M said...

well done lady!!!!!!!!!!

Lorr74 said...

Fab love! Well done! Im loving the PP plan too. Enjoy your day off xx