Saturday, 13 November 2010

***************** I've become

Image courtesy of Kitchen Retro

A cereal whore.

After years of not eating breakfast or leaving it until at least 3 hours after I'm awake,I am now in the habit of eating breakfast............healthy ones too.And cereal has replaced my chocolate addiction.YIKES! My shelf is lined with at least 6 differents varieties at the mo.I know I have to be careful of hidden sugars in cereal,but I do try to stick to muesli,shredded wheats with fruit,whole grains etc.

And thank feck for the free fruit as I am now having a banana with a generous tablespoon of Onken Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt as well.All that brekkie for only about 6 PP.And best of all it keeps me going till lunch.So I've been uber organised on the breakfast front -even weighing out my portions and transporting my Coconut milk to work.Speaking of which I'm loving the Kara Coconut Milk.As I've mentioned I'm trying to phase out dairy - tho Onken yogurts and Rachels Greek Coconut yogurt are just too divine to give up,and Kara is the best of the dairy free milks I've found,personally.

Now I just need to concentrate on portable lunches and dinners....................still not figured out what to do with the Honey Pomelo or Persimmon.

And I couldn't go to the gym due to work............................I missed it with a passion.............I think that's the first sign of the descent into madness!


Life as a Caterpillar said...

Oh i Love Persimmon! I slice it, and pop it in a pan with a spray of spray oil, and let it brown and then serve it over porridge- i'll be you love that!

(made with skimmed milk it's about 5Propoints)