Tuesday, 9 August 2011

First of all I hope those of you with loved ones near or in the midst of the riots are OK.We are checking anxiously on friends in London and can offer comfy couches and home cooked meals for anyone needing refuge.

I'm sorry guys,I know this is usually a lighthearted blog but I've just seen something that's made me really sad.

I was on my sisters facebook page and her status read 'London rioters = douchebags of society'

Most people's sentiments,including mine,exactly.However a friends of her mum then wrote this underneath..........

'We should have listened to old Enoch Powell all those years ago.My old man will be turning in his grave'

I will be honest with you guys,this nearly made me cry.

I understand the total anger at these idiots.At first I empathised with the frustration,the complex issues at heart etc. but now it's gone too damn far.

Since when however,was this idiocy related to race????????? This is not about race,people!!!! It's about a small number of numbnuts of ALL races!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please don't let a small number of douchebags taint your opinion of those of a different race to you.

If Enoch Powell were in power my sister and I,along with many other immigrants wouldn't have been allowed to settle here.My sister and I both work 2 jobs,at least 50 hours a week.We pay our taxes,contribute to Scottish/British society,have assimilated into the local culture and are generally good Scottish citizens.

We have however also faced the prejudices that come along with being racially unusual in a city/country that's not used to seeing immigrants other than Asians.I've been numerously told to 'Fuck off back to where you came from',called a p*ki bastard,a black bastard,gyppo bastard (told you we were racially unusual looking!) etc. Then there's the more subtle racism - being followed around a shop by the security guard,having my bus or train ticket scrutinised while loads of Scottish people are let ahead without so much as a glance,and been asked several times 'Are you half caste?'.This is deeply offensive for anyone that doesn't realise.Then there's all the blissfully ignorant questions that go along with being a half-Indonesian,half German,Sydney bred,Hong Kong born girl.

And of course I've witnessed all these things happen to other immigrants.However,I know that not ALL Scottish people are like that.It's just the ignorant few.

Please people,let's not make this sad,monstrous situation even worse than it is by bringing racism into it.