Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I've been totally shit.I've been eating out too much - with the Scotsman who can eat 99 PP (yes,seriously!We tracked and that's his typical day!!!!!) and NEVER.GAIN.WEIGHT.He's been 9 stone or so since he was 16.Bitch!

I've not been to the gym at all and as such my stress levels have been through the roof.Then as the vicious cycle goes,I then eat my feelings.

For those that don't know or are wondering,I am a support worker with children and adults with learning disabilities,primarily and challenging,violent behaviour.Hence why I have to be sooooooo careful as to what I say on here in regards to work.

But here's a little scenario,today I had a wee girl in the park who managed to grab onto my hair,while I was trying to prise her hand off she grabbed with the other and managed to get me on the ground struggling for a few minutes.This wee girl has the strength of an ox!

And that's a typical incident in a typical day.I'm constantly coming home with new scars and bruises and my loved ones want me to quit.However,as we all know,it's pretty damn hard out there job wise!

And the next question usually is why do you do it? Well,I've been asking myself that more and more lately.But the good days make all the bad worth it.Simple as that.I know I'm good at my job and I'm making wee breakthroughs which makes it all worth while.

However,I have finally got the balls to ask my boss to cut my hours to 4 days a week with the option of overtime.Financially I'll just have to make do,but for now my health and mental well being come first.

Sooooo,I'm hoping that this will then reflect on the weight loss.I'll be able to get to the gym more - no excuses of being too tired and emotionally drained.And I'll cook more as I'll have the time.

Now,I feel as though I am constantly failing at this and that's not conducive to good reading.I will take a wee week or 2 off this blog to get back on track,get back into exercise and,well,until I can finally post a consecutive 2 week loss!

In the meantime,please check out this and this post from the lovely Linzerello.So much of what
she's said in both posts totally resonates with me.

See you in a fortnight!!!! xox


Linz M said...

Thank you for the shout out :)

I know where you are coming from with eating out, its hard constantly having to watch what you are doing.

I feel for you with work too - my job is nowhere near as stressful, but sometimes I don't cope with it overly well and everything else goes out of the window when I'm stressed. Add that to wedding/ family business and I'm totally feeling for you!

Good luck with the next few weeks, we can both do this!


Miss Frangipani said...

Thanks hon.I can so relate to your posts and where your at.It's nice to know someones going through the same crap as I am (of course I wish we never had to deal with it in the first place!)We'll get each other through this :) x