Monday, 8 August 2011

Hello Everyone,

Well twitter is blowing up with all the rioting in London.It's certainly divided Britain and makes me sad that it's come to this.

I absolutely do not condone the rioting,burning and looting,but I also do not agree with the police handling of the whole situation and the media's slightly right leaning views on this.And the way the Govt. is royally fucking over this country,well I'm actually not surprised it's come to this.

I'm seeing the effects of the public sector/govt. cuts and it's bloody scary.Both for our service users and for us staff.Quite frankly I am glad that we will hopefully be getting out of here as I really worry about the future here.I've loved my time in Scotland and I really hope the economy recovers soon.

That's all I wanted to say on the subject,please do not take what the media says for granted.Read a little further.This is a far more complex issue than it seems.

I hope that everyone in London is staying safe and this whole sorry situation calms down very soon.

And remember these are merely my left leaning views from an ethnic girl who has lived in Glasgow for 7 years and seen the best and worst of British society.I don't expect everyone to agree with me,and if you don't,cool,but no hate mail please!

Much love.xoxox