Saturday, 27 August 2011

I got woken up by the Scotsman's alarm at 7:00am this morning and so have nothing to do but bombard you with my rambling and catch up on morning cartoons which I haven't ever had the time or been awake early enough for in yonks.

Yesterdays post was very cathartic and it was good to get all those reflections out and look over them and then discuss our future life with the Scotsman.It was nice for him,and myself actually to know that I do have much love for Scotland and will miss her and leave a part of me here as cheesy at that sounds.I really will miss it here.

Nothing I've seen ever compares with the highlands and lochs of Scotland.It's so beautiful and.....................majestic it actually brings a tear to the eye.If any of you gorgeous readers were to come to Scotland I would recommend hiring a car,driving through Glencoe (my favourite place in the whole of Scotland) and then drive up to Sandwood Bay.One of the most beautiful drives in the world and the 5 hour round trip walk to the beach is well worth it.Oh,and read up on your Glencoe history before you go,just makes it that more eerily beautiful.And men in kilts are the sexiest thing EVER!

And I've never had a deep fried Mars Bar here...........I have tried one on Bondi Beach however,shared with my sister sitting in what we thought then,was Baltic temperatures.It was lovely actually.The batter was a slightly sweet,coconutty mixture.Mmmmmm.I somehow don't think Glasgow ones will be of that calibre.This is the land of the battered,deep fried PIZZA after all.
I just need to try and calm down about everything.I actually got told buy a guy on the phone at the Australian consulate in London to not stress out and worry too much about our application.He actually told me to calm down and just relax.

PAH! Easier said than done.I know a few of you may have had experiences of trying to immigrate to Oz and know how damn hard and strict they are.However those feelings of frustration are compounded when you are Australian yourself,merely trying to get back into your own country with your future husband and no children.

I know we will most likely be fine but I don't want to be absolute about it all in the very slim chance it doesn't go to plan.It just seems a hell of a lot of rigmarole and I know it's to separate the wheat from the chaff but I still can help feeling slightly anxious about the whole thing at times.

I just want our quiet,beach side life in Kiama sooooooooo badly.Think a smaller,sleepier version of Home and Away.That's Kiama.And at a fraction of the exorbitant Sydney rental prices!I mean check out this listing.Whale watching from your own house?!?!?!?!??!

Anyways my lovelies I've rambled long enough and bombarded your timeline.I keep forgetting people actually read this!