Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Super awesome yogurt cake recipe anyone????

I used to have a super awesome and healthy (!) raspberry yogurt cake with low fat cream cheese frosting from the Australian Women's Weekly.I cannot for the life of me find it online so I'm throwing it out to you lovely readers is you have any lovely cakey/muffiny recipes that involve yogurt?I have some about to go past the best before date but I'm sure they will be OK baked into something.

If I'm working it's usually always breakfast on the go and muffins are the easiest.Not the best,most healthiest choice,but when home made from a healthy recipe no worse than cereal or bread with jam,nut butters etc.

Goal for the month is to cook,cook,cook,bake,bake,bake*

*decadent baked goods shall of course be distributed amongst loved ones and workers.