Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ugh,I've been up since 10:30am and haven't done anything constructive beside phone my parents and a friend.....and go out to get some stuff for dinner.Except I came back with 2 bottles of nice red (on offer,and one's for a rainy day!) and no dinner.

I guess the luxury and novelty of actually having a second day off in a week was too lovely to even contemplate doing anything other than potter about in my comfies.

I've not even turned the computer on till now.Ive been so lazy it's just twittering on the iphone.

I hope everyone is well and safe in London.Looks like things are slowly calming down? And I can proudly say that Glasgow is riot free.We were all really worried that we would be next as the poverty and deprivation is incredible here,not to mention the mindless thuggery that happens here on a daily basis thanks to the local Neds (Non.Educated.Delinquents) I was shocked when I first came here at the sight of some of the really run down,deprived areas.I'm not saying Australia is without it's problems but some places in Glasgow rival former Soviet countries.

However despite all this bleakness here is something to warm the cockles of your heart.............



Headspace said...

I haven't seen any more signs of trouble since I got back to London on Wednesday - just far more sirens and helicopters waking me up in the dead of night! Still, I'd rather lose sleep then my house, so won't complain too hard!

Miss Frangipani said...

That's good to hear,well not about losing sleep,but at least you're safe and things are calming down.x

Tim said...

Hopefully everything has calmed down now and will go back to normal.

I'm delighted that the Premier League, apart from 1 game, has been given the go ahead! Yay for football season :)

Miss Frangipani said...

Tim,I never thought that I,one of the most girliest girls EVER,would one day be actually LOOKING FORWARD to football season!And be able to name players by face alone,and not just in a girlie 'I only know the hot ones' way pus name the majority of the EPL and La Liga team players.

There used to be only one sport for me - Ausse Rules Football.Sydney Swans were and still are my team,but in the absence of AFL,football has taken over.

Even the Scotsman is surprised (and very proud) of my knowledge these days.I just hope they get the Tevez saga sorted already.I know it's very fickle,but wherever he goes I will follow - except Real Madrid.....or any Italian team.....or Man U.

And I totally kicked the mans arse at the Metro fantasy football league last year.