Thursday, 18 August 2011

Oh dear..........

I've just seen my dream Whirling Turban wedding dress for a fraction of the cost at Vivien of Holloway.

There is now about 10 dresses I could possibly choose from.EEK!
Too many options for this indecisive little drama queen.Luckily the Collectif one I've bought already was uber cheap,and would totally be something I would wear on a daily basis.

Still possibly thinking about leopard print halterneck circle dress with a red petticoat,but my mum would probably not speak to me for 6 months and as much as it's NOT about her and all about MOI for one day of my life,I probably am just inclined for leopard on my wedding day just to piss her off.How the hell such a traditional mother gave birth to such a rebellious daughter I will never know.


But it has given me a new found and much needed motivation.I've been good with eats,cutting down the drinking,no smoking this week.

Still need to fulfill my promise of coming on here with a meal plan for the week ala Paul.But I am so sadly skint that meals haven't been able to be planned as I have had to make a mish mash of whatever is in the cupboard.

One more week of crazy ass work then down to a 4-5 day week,so no excuses for the gym.

And it's a really bad photo (taken at a *relly bash - far too many cocktails and shots),but here is what I have to contend with..............

Look at his arm compared to mine.He is literally HALF my size and yet my Scotsman can eat 100 PP a DAY and yet remain the same weight since he was 16.Oh,and on his days off there's beer or red wine on top of that 100 PP!!!!!!!!!!

I need to be firm with him when he wants to get take aways.He thinks he's doing me a good turn as it means I don't have to cook and we get to maximise the precious time we spend together but even after 7 years he still can't seem to see the difference in our metabolisms :S

Off to look at wedding p*rn now.xox

P.S. A relly bash is an Aussie term for a party/BBQ with the relatives,family and friends i.e. the rellies.


Tim said...

Maybe if he ate less, he'd weigh more? LOL

Miss Frangipani said...

He'd fade away to nothing! hahaha. It's so bloody unfair! x