Sunday, 7 March 2010

another 50/50 week.

WI tomorrow,really need to stay focused and on track this week.

Again this week has been 50/50.My eats have been mostly good,however had a total bender of a night on Thursday.Only had a chicken,salad,cheese baguette and copious amounts of alcohol which culminated in my flatmate finding me decked out in the hallway in just my knickers and me having hardly any recollection of the nights events.Bette Davis would've been proud.

Another date night with the Scotsman last night - he's such an angel.Spoilt me rotten with luscious cocktails at my favourite bar,and I think my choice of meal was OK.A ramen dish with loads of fresh veg.However later that night after a few more homemade cocktails and a few smokes the munchies kicked in and a pizza and chips was ordered.

No exercise this week.Very bad.Best laid plans and all that.I think this week I won't plan so far ahead as it seems to jinx me.Good news is though,that I am still missing my swims and walks.

Oh,and I bought yet another super cute Collectif dress on Ebay.Leopard print.1940's style.Fab!


Rapunzel said...

Ooh! That dress is gorgeous!! I am so jealous!

I can't help but giggle at the thought of you passed out in your knickers, we have all had those moments!

Hope you have a fabulous week, my dear! xoxoxo

GlasgowGalah said...

Hahaha! Don't worry,all my loved ones and flatmate got a good laugh out of it.Age is not mellowing me at all ;P

The week just past was definitely fabulous and so worth a wee gain (even if I did make a total arse of myself).This week will hopefully be more focused,healthy and active.

Check out Collectif clothing on ebay - they ship internationally and very reasonably too.Most of my 'slimmed down pin up wardrobe' is from them.xox