Monday, 8 March 2010

Oh Dear!

2 pounds on.

It couldve been worse I know,considering the week I've had.Oh well,hopefully the way my shifts work out till next weigh in day I should be able to fit in walks and swims.Half an hour walk and at least a 45 min swim x 5 = 9 hours of exercise (incl. weigh in day)

I'm determined to cook more - big bowls of tofu - ramen - crunchy veg soup (Recipe coming if its a success.I'm trying to emulate the totally awesome ramen dish I had at Bar Soba on Saturday night),some other tofu based dishes (buy one get one free at Morrisons hence the tofu overdose.Although I do totally LOVE that stuff!) and some other new recipes to try and stop the monotony that have become my eating habits.I REALLY WANT THOSE LOUBOUTINS!!!!!!!

Oh,and I must try and drink less this week.My poor liver.My poor dignity.


Rapunzel said...

*giggle* I am sorry, sweetie, but I'm still laughing at the description of tipsy you last weekend!

I agree on the cooking, it does help me to prepare and consume meals from my own kitchen! I know exactly what's going into the old body and how much exercise it'll take to burn it off. *groan*