Saturday, 13 March 2010

That whole not drinking thing?.............

Yeah,it didn't happen.I'm a total lush.Mention cocktails and I'm yours.

The Scotsman took me out for lunch on Friday arvo after work.We're only getting to see each other once a week at the moment due to both our shift patterns clashing,so the one day we get together we try to make a wee bit special.Food choices were good but then we decided to stop by one of our favourite bars,for 'just one wee drink'.Then we came home,stopped by Oddbins (I live on top pf that and an ice -cream parlour.Very dangerous combo!) for our usual bottle of Cava.Lo and behold I had actually tidied and organised my room and arranged my spirits into a nice little section with a beautiful shot glass and spirit holder I got from Cuba.whats this got to do with getting totally elegantly inebriated?...................

An Aussie,a Scot,flavoured Absolut,Cava and Lychee juice all arranged neatly = home made cocktails.Oh,and with a few Jaegermesiter shots thrown in for good measure.Separately of course.I'm not a total alchie ;P Rest assured we do do things other than drink.It just seems that,there is nothing else to do during the miserable Scottish winters......and even that is limited to once a week - it's just that when I do drink,I can't seem to limit myself to one or 2.Typical Aries,all or nothing.

Much fun and laughs ensued,but I sure paid for it this morning.Head throbbing and feeling nauseous.I am definitely starting to feel the effects of getting older - I used to be able to drink a sailor under the table and stay up all night and make it straight into work the next day.

So today with a head like fairy floss (candy floss for you non - Aussies out there) plans for a swim went out the window.To be honest,I think this whole month is going to be a bit up and down.I'm still adjusting to monthly pay and as a result am totally skint and unable to do a proper grocery shop till the end of the month.I am trying to budget for my swims though,but food wise,till then it's Linessa cereals,tuna mayo pittas,soups and cheap rice salads or whatever I can muster from what's on special at the supermarket.It's quite hard eating healthily on a budget.Ludicrous isn't it?I'm determined to try and do double the effort swimming tomorrow after work to make up for the last 2 days.No alcohol will pass my lips tonight.

The rest of the day has been spent recovering and baking.I very rarely get a Sat or Sun off,and I had the flat to myself (a rare luxury when flat sharing with 2 other people,who are lovely but I do adore my solitude occasionally) so I decided that coupled with my sore head a day off being totally leisurely was in order.And yes,baking for me is a relaxing pleasure.Especially now I got myself a faux Kitchen Aid by Cookworks.

The treats I baked were totally WW un-friendly but oh sooooooo gorgeous.First up were some Norwegian Cinnamon Buns courtesy of Not Quite Nigella.

I am totally scatter brained and a typical Aries,charging into things head first without first checking the consequences,both physically and metaphorically.I am constantly covered in bruises and breaking things,falling over or causing chaos.The Scotsman says I'm like a hurricane.He's not too far from the truth.

So,this time my scatter - braininess managed to get me to bake the wrong recipe! I was intending to in fact make cinnamon choc -chip hot cross buns as a test run for Easter,and some apple cinnamon scrolls from another website.I thought I was following the recipe for the hot X buns but it wasn't till I was a bout 3/4 of the way through I realised I was on the wrong one.i.e 'when exactly am I supposed to put the choc chips in?' Hmmmmmm,OHHHH,I'm reading the wrong recipe! DOH!

What a happy accident though - these scrolls are one of the best things I have EVER baked! They were like biting into soft,fluffy clouds and the apple and cinnamon compote I concocted were a heavenly combination.i don't think I will ever be able to buy them from the shops again.

If anyone wants the recipe please let me know and I will post it up here.Don't think I've totally fallen off the wagon though!I limited myself to one and the rest will be frozen for the occasional treat and distributed amongst friends and colleagues.I take inspiration from the Repressed Pastry Chef.This lady is doing WW and yet still manages to make beautiful baked goods and resist the temptation.She just distributes them around. Or Lorraine at NQN who has steamed vegetable for lunch so that she can indulge at dinner and dessert.Not such a bonkers idea.

I also have,proving under my heater,choc-chip-spiced hot X buns.i will post on here later as to how they turned out.And please excuse the really bad photography.Still camera-less.

**** Post blog note**** The Hot X Buns are a major success as well.Really fluffy and light.Little Easter balls of deliciousness.


Weighting Around said...

Sounds like you've been having a wee bit too much fun, girl! Glad you're enjoying. Pretty pin up blog!