Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Things that make me happy......

SUNSHINE!!!!! Its actually sunny in Glasgow,Spring is here :D Hopefully we'll get a super warm and sunny summer to make up for the coldest winter in 20 years.

My Scotsman :)))))))

Sister time with my gorgeous wee sis who has moved over here as well!

My best girlfriends back home.

Shoes - Louboutins and Irregular Choice

Baking and cooking.Especially baking though.

Macarons,especially from Laduree in Paris dahhhling.

Collectif dresses.Too cute and 40's/50's fabulous.

Swimming.I must've been a mermaid in another life.Plus I now feel a great sense of achievement when Ive completed my 45 mins in the leisure centre.


The beach.I am such a waterbaby,I can't just lay on the beach like my mates sun - worshipping.I can swim for hours in the ocean.

Sydney.My home *sniff*


Tattoos - on me and other people.Although I do love that my scotsman has pure,unaltered,smooth skin.

Old classic films,especially if Bette Davis,Greta Garbo or Marilyn Monroe are starring.

Off now for my 30 minute walk and 45 minute swim :D Told you I was getting back on the wagon! xox


Missy B said...

I've set myself a mini target of 2 stone, and when I've hit it I'm going to see about getting another tattoo done :)

Brilliant stuff about the exercise, it's more than what I'm doing!


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Kesenya said...

I love your blog !! You are so much fuyn !! Thanks also for following on at Alice Jeans - I am now a follower of you too !! XX