Thursday, 11 March 2010

A few non weight related frivolities.........

45 minute swim and 20 minute walk completed before work yesterday.

Nothing today but housework,as I got about 4 hours sleep on my sleepover shift last night and was totally knackered.Saturday off and no friends to play with so a big walk and swim planned.Same with Sunday and WI Monday.

Now for something a little different,heres some awesome non - weight loss related websites that I waste many an hour checking in on....................

Not Quite Nigella
- Super wow - inducing gastronomic website by a Sydney blogger.She writes so beautifully,has a penchant for kitsch and her food looks like works of art.

Hungry Digital Elf - Yas is a passionate Japanese foodie transplanted to Sydney who has many a midnight cooking session.What's not to love?

The Kitchen Wench - another Aussie foodie.She's totally pin up gorgeous and fabulously talented in the kitchen to boot.Total food p*rn photography.

Super Kawaii Mama
- Is a super cute (Kawaii in Japanese) pin up fabulous mum of 2 who documents fashion,make up and hair.Totally amazing when she's got 2 kids to run after!

Violet is a very creative Lolita fashionista who does amazingly girlie an false eyelash holder shaped like a cake,with the most ordinary of objects.Wow.

Emma is a transplanted Brit now residing in my hometown who shares my love of vintage,burlesque and cute 50's style dresses.



Emma said...

Hello Lovely Lady
Thank you for mentioning my blog on yours. Its nice to hear someone reads my scriblings! x