Saturday, 13 March 2010

Oh my freaking God....

Did anyone see Charlotte Church on Jonathan Ross last night?!?!?!?!?? How skinny is she?!?!?!? She is freakishly thin,unhealthily so.It just didn't suit her,and she has now become one of the lollipop brigade.Even the Scotsman noticed (and he never notices anything weight related) and was compelled to comment his shock.

While I understand there's a hell of a lot of pressure on famous women to be freakishly skinny,I am a little perturbed that a woman who was so outspoken about women looking healthy and normal,and loving her curves and never wanting to succumb to the pressures of size zero has since done so,adding to Leona Lewis,Kate Winslet,Khloe Kardashian,Jennifer Hudson etc. etc.

If these women were doing it for primarily health reasons,fair do's.But let's face it,none of them would have been over a UK size 10 (which is tiny!),with the exception of Ms Hudson,who was a divinely voluptuous 16.And sooooooo gorgeous at that size!

I just hope Holly Willoughby never succumbs to the size zero brigade.Those curves bring a smile to my face each morning.Go Ms. W!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i quite agree: Holly is magnificent as she is and should never even think of losing weight while Charlotte has lost all those gorgeous curves of hers...i can only pray the loss is temporary.