Sunday, 7 March 2010

Christian Louboutin.............

Be still my beating heart.

I never really 'got' the whole designer lust thing.My sister and I went to Paris and did the ubiquitous jaunt down the Champs-Élysées.She literally spontaneously combusted from the excitement of all the designer boutiques,Chanel,Versace,Gucci etc.I however,very nearly exploded with excitement when we stumbled across Laduree and their infamous macarons.

I just don't get the appeal of spending an entire months wages on a bag,skirt,dress,etc.There is one exception however.Christian Louboutin shoes.

I may have mentioned before,but shoes are my thing.I have a slightly obsessive Ebay -
Irregular Choice shoe habit (The BEST non - designer shoes EVER),most of which I can't walk in now as I am too damn heavy,but that still doesn't stop me from buying them for the day I get to goal.

Jimmy Choos,Manolo Blahnik etc. I can take or leave.I still would choose Irregular Choice's kitsch and quirkiness over them.But Louboutins...........Oh my God,they are sex in shoe form!

So,a few weeks ago I had a lovely girlie afternoon with my sister,lunch,high tea,window shopping,the works.While sipping our mochas in Princess Square (which is a little bit of glamour in grey and dreary Glasgow) we were chatting about our respective weight loss goals and travel plans and our dream outfits for turning up at the airport in December when our parents come over. This then turned into talk about our dream item of clothing if money was no object.

For my wee sister it's a Chloe bag,for me,of course,you know what they are.Anyways,after some chatting my wee sister somehow has convinced me that a pair of Loubout
ins should be my weight loss goal reward. I know,I know,it's totally sickening and against my ethics to spend 2 weeks,possibly a whole months pay on a pair of shoes,but here is our combined reasoning.............

* I have about 100lb's to lose.At a pound or 2 a week,this works out at just putting away £5 - £10 per week.

* It's probably the only designer thing I will ever own in my whole,entire life. * I'll pick something classic that will be timeless and hopefully last for years.
* Weight loss is a damn hard thing to do,especially shifting this amount of weight.Hell,I deserve these.

Soooooo,that is my new reward and new inspiration to add to the long list of reasons and motivations to lose weight.In the meantime,here are a few of the lush heels in my collection......


arielcircleofnine said...

I loooooove Irregular Choice!!! And the leopard print pumps in your collection are hot!!
I think you should go for a big reward once you reach goal. If its the Louboutin shoes, then so be it--but certainly dont short change yourself or feel guilty! Go for it :-)

Blossom said...

I hear ya on the Louboutins!!! That is my reward when I hit goal -- the black peep toe heels will be mine!!! It's a great goal!

Linz M said...

I have an Irregular Choice addiction too! Well just a shoe addiction in general, I'd go for Louboutin shoes as well :)

Missy B said...

Oh the shoes shoes! And polkadots!

Thank you for following my blog - I think I'm going to like your blog as you're a sucker for the eras gone by! We have a similar amount of weight to lose (you said 100lbs you want to lose, I want to lose 126lbs) so let us conquer this! :D