Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Goal Posts Have Changed Slightly.....

I've now set myself a sort of short term goal of getting to a UK size 16/US size 12.I'll see how I fit in my 16 leopard print and cherry dresses and how fit and healthy I am,and then decide from there whether I am happy or whether I want to lose more..............more importantly whether I am able to walk in heels! ;P

Every time I picture the 'dream me' in my head,it's me as a 40's style Rubenesque glamour puss.Pencil skirt,killer heels,red lips and big boobs and big ass.I will never have small boobs.As a slim 12 year old I was wearing a C cup! My flatmate also recently installed a pole in our living room and every time I look at it I picture myself shimmying around it for the Scotsman in a corset and french knickers much like this.........
Isn't she gorgeous? I honestly would be happy at that size.I think she's about a 16

I've been thinking about it a lot lately and while trawling cyber space have gotten inspiration from some heavenly voluptuous beauties such as:

Kersosene Deluxe.An absolutely stunning alternative pin up with killer curves.I love this particular photo of her in a corset.How gorgeous.And that's her in the above photo.

Crystal Renn
. Divine,divine,divine!!!!

The girls from the Bravissimo ads.

As well as this fab post by Danielle at Without Compulsion.I really urge you to read this.Every single word she wrote resonated with me.Especially the bit she wrote about feeling sexy in her own skin rather than waiting around for the perfect body.

I think I've got the hourglass shape and killer curves to carry off a 16,and more importantly I adore being a curvaceous woman.All the women I lust after and admire and have dated (The Scotsman is my first heterosexual relationship but that's another blog post altogether) have been gorgeous,super feminine but super curvy girls.Why then am I putting pressure on myself to lose 100 lb's?

I must say,I feel lot of self inflicted pressure has been lifted since I made that mini goal.Of course I will still continue swimming and walking and eating healthily,but the pressure of that 100 lb loss is gone.I'll still keep the ticker up as a reminder of how much I'm losing,and who knows,maybe I do need to lose 100 lb's to reach a 16.I'm currently a 22 though,so I doubt it.

On another ridiculously more pricey is it to eat healthily? As I mentioned before,I'm on a tight skint-flint budget and it's so hard to eat healthily.I have a farmfoods down the road and if I wanted to eat fatty processed shite,I could easily have spent £10 and gotten a weeks worth of meals.Ridiculous.

Oh,and I did an hours walk today :D


Twinkle Eyes said...

Very, very sassey lady. I love the outfit ;o) x

Emma said...

Hey Lovely Lady,
Thanks for mentioning my lil blog a few times of late. Its nice to lnow someone reads my ramblings.
I love your blog too.
As for the weight as long as your healthy I think you look gorgous and if you wanna dress in the pin up style dont feel you have to wait until you reach a certain weight. x

Linz M said...

I love her figure - it's exactly how I want to look!

I think when we are trying to lose weight, we end up far to focused on the number on the scales. I'm exactly the same, putting pressure on myself to be in a certain stone bracket but I think once I get to a size 14/16 I'll be more than happy!

I love the pin up style too, I just need to have a bit more confidence to wear it.

GlasgowGalah said...

Isn't she just gorgeous? I'm guessing she's a large 14 or a 16.Curves rock! I still find myself at times thinking I need to lose X stones but I need to get that out of my head and concentrate on the size and fitness/health as opposed to the scales.

Linz - if you wear pin up style i guarantee you you will immediately feel more confident and sassy and gorgeous.Especially red lipstick.Something about red lippie is such a boost.

Emma - I have a suitcase full of dresses and skirts in 14 and 16 and boxes of heels which I can't walk in anymore as I'm too heavy.I still try and do my make up pin up style,with a flower always in my hair,but I will be happy once I fit into those dresses.