Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I must be completely honest with you............

It's been a horrendous few weeks,in every aspect.Gained 2 pounds,work stress,been too skint to even afford to go swimming,weather and work schedule (55 hours in 4 days! 10 days in a row.) has thwarted walking plans.The Scotsman hasn't been his usual sunny self and has been really down about work (he's a manager).Cue lot's of 'fcuk it' emotional and erratic eating.

I hit a slump and I hit it hard.

But! Things are looking up.The Scotsman had a meeting with his manager and things are a lot better with him.We are,shock - horror,seeing each other more than once a week.Work has calmed down and and evil bad apple is being shown the door,which should mean a lovely,harmonious team again.Pay day has come which equals swimming and...........the Scotsman and i have booked a week away in Portugal for the first week of May :D

Unfortunately I can't do anything about this Scottish weather.spring and it's snowing! WTF????

Line drawn__________________________

Watch this space!