Sunday, 31 January 2010

All work and no play makes for one Flamin' Galah!

Not much to report on the pin up girl front.Still managing a chocolate free zone.Eating has been OK....I think.Work has been pretty crazy and I've not had time to write down what I've been eating on shift.By the time I get home,my brains pretty much mush,but it has mostly been good,healthy choices.

Today I was that flat chat busy I didn't actually manage to eat anything till I got home at 2:30pm.Not even a wee nibble of toast or a bite of an apple.I really need to curtail this,as it's happening far too frequently.Pretty ironic that as support workers we make sure we give the utmost care to our clients,yet manage to neglect ourselves so disgustingly.It's starting to impact on our morale :(
And yeah,i pretty much do a nurses job on a support workers wage,hence the picture.

So many of my co-workers are nursing various ailments and yet still coming into work and soldiering on as we are so short staffed.I
still can't shift this cough which is wreaking havoc on my poor asthmatic lungs and in turn impacting on my exercise.It's a vicious cycle - I need to exercise to improve my lung capacity and health to fight off this bug,but I can't manage more than 10 minutes at a time without keeling over and needing 10 puffs of my inhaler.i need to rest and let my body recover and get a decent nights sleep,but work is getting in the way of that.No other walk managed this week except for a wee 20 minute jaunt around the local shops.

Oh well,I'll get there.I'm hoping the physical side of my job is maybe making up for the lack of exercise.Don't know what to expect on the scales,but I'd be happy with just a pound - 4 would be a dream.That will be my first stone off!

Haven't seen the Scotsman for nearly 2 weeks due to shift clashes,which makes for an unhappy camper.This is the second longest time we've ever been apart.As much as I cling on to my feminist ideals,at heart I'm a total sap.It will all be worth it though,as we're off to Venice,and possibly Rome in May for my 30th. Something to both kick my ass into gear and look forward to.And help me not go insane in the next few weeks at work ;P