Saturday, 2 January 2010

Please don't judge me..........................

I had all good intentions of starting today on a fresh,healthy start.As everyone knows,the New Year doesn't officially start till January 2nd.The 1st is a recovery day from all the hedonistic decadence you try to cram in the night before for you know that in the new year everything will change and there will be no more chocolate and champers for breakfast,3 pm lie ins or ordering entire 10 inch pizzas each for girlie DVD-duvet days..............or is that just me?

I had planned,with the OH,to get up at a reasonable hour (we had both worked the early shift on NY Day after 3 hours sleep.8am start for me,9am for him),go to the farmers market,get some lovely fresh organic veg,have something healthy for brunch,go home and bake 'the best bread in the world' (recipe to follow in the next few days) and cook up a few batches of soup.

Instead,cue a 3pm wake up,monstrous post NY recovery and an Indian delivery.It's probably the only thing I'll eat all day though,so it hopefully won't do too much damage calorie wise.

I have however completed my online shopping and will be stocked up to the hilt on fruit,veg,healthy snacks and shed loads of Special K in all it's various fruity forms (I don't work for them or am affiliated with them in any way,but Asda are doing some amazing multi-save discounts on Special K,muesli bars,tuna and healthy stuff in general)

So,on the menu for this week will be tuna pasta salads,some form of rice salad,parsnip and apple soup,Moroccan butternut squash and sweet potato soup,some variation of carrot soup,all accompanied by various forms of sandwich made from the best homemade bread in the world.I really cannot convey just how good this bread is.I was nannying for a family that would eat nothing but this bread and always meant to ask for the recipe but was slightly apprehensive as it seemed to be some sort of closely guarded family secret. I happened upon the recipe one day when I was tidying up their cookbooks (OK,I admit,I was totally trawling the cookbooks,drooling over the photos alone - they had 'Gordon Ramsay's desserts' cookbook.It's like crack for foodies!) and I just can't eat any other bread.

And before I forget here are my resolutions.I may be old enough to know better but I just have to have a list every year.........

1.Learn how to ride a bike (yes,seriously)

2.Learn how to sew - properly.Dresses,skirts,blouses etc.
3.Cook and bake more (of course the baking shall be distributed amongst friends and family and neighbours.)

4.By July,be fit enough to either be doing Flamenco or Parkour
5.Be slim enough to be able to dress up as She Ra,Princess of Power for Halloween

6.Be slimmer than my sister for the first time in our lives.
7.Look at this list next year and know that I have achieved all of these.

I think there's a few more but I will have to write them up when my brains not so fuzzed up.