Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hold up! The scales say WHAT?!?!??!??

I toddled on down to Boots today for my weekly weigh in,hoping for a 1 or 2 lb loss,and also to hopefully not bump into my boss,as she just lives down the street and I called in sick for today.Hopped on the scales,and imagine my shock when the scales reported a 4 POUND LOSS!!!!! 4 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!! That's 8 lb's in 3 weeks!!!!!

I actually jumped off and weighed myself again as I couldn't quite believe it.I know a lot of it's probably due to being ill,but I've also had 2 decadent dinner's out this week - starters and mains (birthday dinners for my wee sister) and next to no exercise,besides all the manual handling we do at work and a half an hour walk.

I'm stoked!!!!! I know this sort of weight loss won't continue,hell,I'm happy with a pound or 2 a week,but it's just a great boost mentally and like the Scotsman says,'That's even without exercise!'

I'm feeling a lot better - thank you so much for everyones good wishes.Still quite chesty though,so exercise is a no go for the next few days,but I'm hoping to get back into my DVD's by the weekend or so.I'm really itching to exercise,as while I'm happy with my eating habits being under control,I really want,no,
need to get my fitness and asthma improved.

Oh,and I've managed to sucker my sister into walking the Glasgow 5K Race For Life with me in June.it will give me something to aim for,and kick my booty into walking to and from work and around the
gorgeous and huge park I have on my doorstep.I've always wanted to do this,for both emotional and physical reasons,but never had the guts,fitness or company to do it.Who knows,by next years I may actually be able to jog it?!?!


Twinkle Eyes said...

Brilliant loss this week. Well done on reaching your first 1/2 stone off. Glad you're starting to feel better. Enjoy your week x

GlasgowGalah said...

Thanks Twinkle,OMG,I hadn't even realised it's half a stone!!! :D Even more motivating :) xo

Luccii said...

Well done thats a great loss, I love your funny pictures, I've become 'obsessed' with googling suitable pictures and quotes for my blog, I even save them all in a weightwatchers folder!

Rapunzel said...

by the way, there's a little award for you on my blog. :)

Tamara said...

Woohoo! Well done you - that's a brilliant result for your first few weeks.
Good choice in choosing to walk the 5k with your sister. I'm sure you'll have a ball. I've started looking out for pink outfits already - I can't wait for it.
All the best for next week,

Ruby Rach said...

Good luck with your weight loss journey, and thanks for following my blog! I love the title of your blog... I think my dream job would be working as an Elvgren model!

I recently lost a heap of weight too, over about 6 months, and it seriously flew. Congrats on your loss so far, and good luck on reaching your goal!

... and I was just reading your "about me" section - we are so similar in so many ways! Can't wait to read more of your blog.



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