Sunday, 17 January 2010

My life is starting to run like an episode of Friends.............

The older i get the more and more my life is beginning to parallel Friends.I was never a big fan of the show when it was in it's hey day,it was too racially homogeneous (much like Home and Away and Neighbours actually,total mis-representation of multi-racial Australia) and I found the characters too annoying.Especially Ross and Joey.

However,as I start hitting the 3-0's,I'm sadly beginning to relate.The episode where Ross and Rachel are fighting and the others are trapped in the bedroom ravenously hungry? Yep,happened to me.4 of us trapped inside the living room while a MASSIVE blue was happening in my flatmates room and the hallway,between her and her boyfriend,including lot's of door slamming and throwing up of old grievances at 100 decibels.........too much information at 100 decibels.

The totally anally-obsessive-compulsive neat freak Monica? Ironically I lived with a girl like that.She too was American and was called Monica.She actually once left a note under a
teaspoon that my other flatmate had left on the kitchen counter top,saying please tidy up after yourself or something like that.We also once came home to find notes on every surface of every room instructing us on the art of cleanliness.Oh and she also went to Barbados and got those funny braid things in her hair.Freaky.

The one where Rachel fancies Joey and vice versa but they can
't do anything because they're best mates and don't want to ruin the friendship,and the whole psychological torture that went along with that and seeing each other date other people.Yep,me and the Scotsman for the first 2 years after we met and then eventually got together.

The whole Monica and Chandler hiding their relationship? The Scotsman and I,but for very different reasons - he was my boss! ;P

But finally the one where Chandler divulges to Monica the future he has dreamt for them after she wants to spend all his savings on their wedding?...........

The Scotsman and I were sitting about,talking to the wee hours when he confessed to me that he doesn't fancy the idea of moving to Sydney.He's lived in Glasgow all his life,and this is coming up to my 6th year living here,and we both live just a hop skip and a jump away from the city centre (coming from Australia,I find Glasgow quite small,so it was quite a novelty at first to live so close to the town).

So it's been 35 years and 6 years of city living for us respectively (In Sydney you have to be a millionaire to live as close to the city as we do in Glasgow)
He told me that he dreams about us living in a wee town outside of Sydney,not too far,about and hour or 2 so that I'm not too far from friends and family and vice versa.A 2 bedroom house,by the beach,the spare room for friends and family.A nice backyard for a Great Dane.....I want to get a brown one and call her Coco Muffin,but I was vetoed so the compromise is Coco.

'Can you imagine it? You and me,home after work and going for a walk along the beach watching the sunset with our dog' he said (she was at that point un-named.) And yes,I totally could! The more and more I thought about it,the more and more I warmed to the idea,to the point now I just can't imagine doing anything else.And I know exactly the wee beach side town I want to live in - Kiama ideally but anywhere along the south coast is just lush.

I've lived in Sydney for 24 years.I freaking LOVE Sydney,but I'm tired of city living.I want a beach side,chilled out existence.I don't need nightclubs that never shut,bars with lethal cocktails for £7 (OK,actually I do need a decent cocktail bar in my life to lead a happy existence),impossible parking with extortionate fees,traffic jams,commuter hell,paying through the nose for a 2 bedroom flat in the suburbs.That was fine in my 20's when I had the energy and the will but it doesn't hold the same appeal.

I think I have to face it.I'm becoming (eek!) MATURE! I want that quiet life,I want walks along the beach at sunset with Coco and the Scotsman.I want to have friends over for BBQ's.I want to spend my weekends at the beach,chilling.Sydney just doesn't hold that same appeal for me.And my friends are all settling down and leading quieter existences than you would believe looking at our previous incarnations ;P

And along with that realisation,comes another more weight loss centred epiphany.....but more on that in my next post.........................


Alice said...

It was almost as if I was reading a real-life script of Friends! :D Brilliant.

Anyway, that's so sweet of your other half to say such lovely things. It makes me knees wobbly whenever my other half talks about the future and his plans as partners are sometimes so difficult to read!

Excellent post. Highly enjoyed reading it, as usual. :)