Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Can I just curl up in a corner and die a slow death?

Ugh! Feel ill! Eyes are watering,can't stop sniffling,coughing incessantly and just generally feel BLEUCH! Went to bed still battling this cough,but super motivated to do 2,yes 2 DVD's tomorrow - My WW Move More and the Tahitian hip Hop one which I'm super intrigued by.

Cue this morning,my first day off in like,10 days.Awoken by a leg cramp (never a good start),heavy pain,heavy pain,heavy pain! I got up to walk it off and was totally disoriented.I thought it was the middle of the night as the flat and my room was totally dark (I've been meaning to get black out curtains coz it's usually too light),but upon checking my phone it was 10am.I tried to get back to sleep,but I just lay there thinking I should really get up.

So,up I get and now I feel like utter shite.I just don't have the energy to do anything
I'm one of those people who just cannot lay in on a day off (unless the Scotsman is over,then I can just lay in bed all day cuddling).I just feel like I'm wasting a day of 'me time',which I just don't get that often.Soooooo disappointed as I was so motivated and determined,especially after yesterday's weigh in,which was a grand total of..................

2 lb/1kg.I must admit drama queen tendencies kicked in (first NY's resolution broken!) and I was a
tad disappointed,as on my numerous attempts I usually lose loads in the first week,3,4 even 5 lb.The Scotsman came in with a voice of reason pointing out that..................

(a) I've only managed an hour of exercise this week (d*mn you cold weather and cough virus and asthma genes!)

(b) I've managed this just by changing a few eating habits.
(c) It's still a loss.

It's so stupid and illogical.A few months down the track and I'll be
stoked if I manage to keep up that weight loss each week.I just had super high expectations because it's the first week and of course,because I had tried sooooooo hard to avoid chocolate for the first few days,which is like crack for me.

So,this week my goals are............

* Exercise more...hopefully daily,I'm on early shifts for the rest of the week,so hopefully if I can shake this awful ill feeling,I'll be exercising tomorrow.
* Write down everything that I eat,so I can analyse it at the end of the week if my weight loss is under 2 lb.I know I said this feeds into my neurotic tendencies,but for some reason writing down without
pointing is OK.Must be,for me,the psychological connection between restriction and points.....my brain works in funny ways.........
* Eat more fresh veg and vary my fruit a bit more.This week it's just been apples,oranges and mandarins.
* Continue to try and live a chocolate free existence.

Lastly,thank you for all your lovely comments.It's nice to know people actually read this thing.Sometimes I forget and just tend to write as if I'm just writing for myself.

Sophie - we should totally have a WW meet up.Such a fab idea.I love your blog too,echoes so many of the thoughts in my head.I love the way you write.

Alice - it's shocking isn't it,not just the cost but the calories and general crap I would be putting in my body.As for the WW boards.WOAH,it's so childish and bitchy high school like behaviour,coming from adults on a forum that are meant to be supportive.And your blog is just so awesome,especially that last post,I just had to spread the word :)

Lucci - I've been obsessed with curvy pin up girls,the 40's and 50's and all the old classic films since I was wee.A gay uncle introduced me to the divine Ms Bette Davis and I have never looked back ;P Miss Monroe is my ultimate woman however.The pictures are many Vargas girls.He was a Peruvian artist who is probably the ultimate pin up artist.

Hope everyone else is going well.LOVE reading everyone elses blogs.I promise I will eventually get that bread recipe up,as well as a few more.xox


Jaframity said...

I've lots to identify with in your post. I feel exactly the same way when a first week loss isn't as good as I was hoping for, in spite of knowing that I should be happy, and listen to the voice of reason (my personal one, not your Scotsman, lol). Nitpicking analysis is also one of my specialities. I think it's inevitable when you focus on self as much as you have to when trying to change your lifestyle like this. Plus I'm off the chocolate as well just now -had to stay indoors when my husband went out this morning because I knew I'd end up in the sweet shop!
Sorry you're feeling so rough, and on your day off to add insult to injury.

GlasgowGalah said...

Aw,thanks hon.Its so silly isn't it? I've seen lot's of posts on the WW forums with people disappointed to lose 'just' a pound or 2.But when you think about the big picture,keep up this weight loss and it's between 50 - 100 lb loss at the end of the year!Thanks for the sweet thoughts,I have a feeling my body is either de-toxing from all the crap I used to eat and the shock of actually getting wholesome 'clean' food and fresh fruit and veg,or its punishing me for too much indulgence and overworking and over partying over the festive season.Good luck with your chocolate withdrawal.You look FAB in your blog pics by the way.x

Linz M said...

Boo to feeling ill, here's hoping you shake it off soon.

I totally know where you are coming from at being disappointed with a 2lb loss on your first week. 2lbs is brillaint however, but it's only natural to want more.

Get well soon x