Monday, 25 January 2010

Not one,but TWO blog awards :D

Wow,what a lovely surprise that when reading other wonderful blogs that I follow,I found I had been awarded 2 blog awards :D Thank you very,very much Rapunzel and Jaframity xoxoxo

The first one comes from fellow pin up aficionado and all round fabulous lady,Rapunzel at
In Pursuit of My Inner Pin Up You really must check her out. This award is "HAPPY 101", the instructions are...........

1. Copy the image and display it on your blog.

2.List 10 things that make you happy.
3. Try to do at least one of them today.
4. Pass on the award to 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

10 things that make me happy (and I've been deliberate to choose non weight related ones)

1. Spending time with the Scotsman,as our days off together are few and far between

2. Relly bashes (Aussie slang for family get togethers,usually around a BBQ,sometimes at the beach always including a huge number of extended family/friends,as most of us are immigrants with no other immediate family in Oz)

3. The beach.Walking along,sitting and reading in the sun,swimming for hours,sitting on the sand chatting with friends and righting the wrongs of the world while the sun sets and the waves crash.Whatever I'm doing,if it's by a beach I'm guaranteed happiness.

4. Strapping on my backpack and travelling.25 countries so far - mostly in my early 20's.I much prefer roughing it to posh hotels.Hostels,villages,eating from street stalls,off the beaten track.That's my kinda thing.

5. My 3 oldest and bestest girlfriends back home - two I've known for 19 years,and one I met at Uni 13 years ago.We've got so many shared memories,so many shared secrets and dreams and just fabulous times spent together.Miss you ladies!!!!!!

6. Cooking and baking.I find it relaxing and it's in the genes - Dad's a chef.

7. Old classic films.How to Marry a millionaire,An Affair to Remember,Some Like it Hot,Now Voyager,Gentlemen Prefer Blonde's,Queen Christina,Camille,West Side Story etc. etc. The glamour and glitz,hopelessly cheesy romance (I'm an old fashioned romantic at heart),over the top musical numbers and of course,FABULOUS fashion always makes me smile.

8. The thought of going back home in 2 years to our
dream life It's all that gets me through these freezing,flu-filled,Scottish winters.........and so called 'summers'.

9. David Attenborough documentaries (I'm a secret geek at heart.I could watch his programs for hours on end)

10. Second hand bookshops.I could spend a whole day trawling through the shelves.The more chaotic and eccentric the shop,the better.
I enjoy a trashy chick-lit novel as much as I do a 'serious' non - fiction.I can't understand people who don't like to read and better themselves.

Now,10 bloggers who brighten my day.......

Not Quite Nigella Non WW related,in fact probably one to stay away from if you're feeling hungry,but please check her out when you have a full belly.Words can't convey how beautiful this blog is and how happy it makes me.I check her religiously every morning.

2. Alice at
The Big Deal So many posts I can relate to,but her blog seems to have gone AWOL.Come back Alice!

Rapunzel my fellow pin up and corset lover.Gorgeous lady and a gorgeous blog.

Sophie,wonderfully honest posts.Just a great blog all round.

5. Jaframity at
shrinking thinking sooooooo inspirational,check out her photos she looks AMAZING.

Emma,fabulous pin up girl living a vintage life in my hometown of Sydney

7. Tully at
you would be pretty if......... Another great Aussie blogger who is doing inspirationally well and writes witty long posts to boot.

Marshmallow A very amusing kiwi lady who writes such wonderfully funny and honest posts about her weight loss journey.

Phil has already lost nearly 100lb's!!!!!! 'Nuff said.Check him out!

10. Mo at
I'm a Fierce Fat Filipina Diva Who can resist a blog with a name like that?

The next award is from Jaframity at Shrinking Thinking.

Instructions with this are 7 things to know about me..............
1. I have a totally weird and irrational phobia of worms and caterpillars.I'm talking serious case of the sweats and heart palpitations.Don't ask me why,but I totally FREAK OUT at the sight of them - even if it's just a photo or on one of my beloved D.Attenborough DVD' fact I'm feeling slightly nauseous just writing about it.

2. I know it's ethically wrong but I adore fois gras,veal,caviar and lamb.i like to think that I live my life as ethically as I possibly can but I just cannot resist the lure of a good lamb cutlet or a velvety slice of fois gras.

3. I think High School Musical is legendary.There,I've said it out loud.I even own all 3 DVD's and the dance along bonus disk forms part of my exercise routine.I know it officially crosses the line from kitsch to just plain cheese - and not in a good way,but I can't hide my dirty secret any longer ;P

4. I harbour secret desires of being the female equivalent of Slash,rocking it out on a stage to ten's of thousands of adoring fans.Whenever November Rain plays,I imagine it was me on stage playing that kick ass guitar solo.I think that was possibly the best riff ever composed in history!

5. I was painfully shy as a child.My Scotsman can't believe it,but I only really blossomed into the outgoing social butterfly I am now when I left high school.I would go to parties as a kid and bring a book along so I could sit in a corner and read instead of socialising with the other kids,to mum and dad's frustration.Of course,the more they would push me to be social and interact the more I would retreat into my shell.Now of course I can't shut up!

6. I never really got the whole 'Sex and the City' thing.To me it was just a bunch of whiny,needy women in (mostly) fabulous clothes,living in New York who felt they needed a man to make them complete.I felt it was just the whole fairy tale - princess needs a man to rescue her crap transplanted into New York.

7. I feel naked if I leave the house without a flower in my hair (except when I'm working - nothing nice to be worn when you're a support worker) When I worked in retail it was my trademark.The customers would notice - even the men,if I'd forgotten my's partly the Indonesian in me and partly just trying to my life in Scotland less drab.