Monday, 11 January 2010

My oh my.

I wandered over to the lurk on the WW community 5+ stone message board for the first time in yonks.WOAH.So much bitching! Hopefully it all subsides soon,as I really find lurking on there helpful - reading everyones tips and stories and questions I had never thought of.I really must post on there more.

Not much to report here,been really good on the eating front,not so good on the exercise -
still got this d*mn cough,still good on the chocolate and cola front - 12 days without chocolate and I don't even miss it.

Today is my first weigh in for the New Year.I'm super nervous,as even though I've been super good,this is the first time I've gone this alone,without pedantically tracking every single point and morsel that passes my mouth.And to be honest,it's totally working for me from a psychological sense.

My Scotsman has given up smoking,partly cost,partly health reasons,partly because of my asthma and partly because of my health kick (woo hoo! I never thought there would be a day when
I inspired someone to be healthy).He tallied up what he was spending a week on ciggies and it was about £12 - £14.Then we tallied up what I spent on chocolate and coke at the wee shop down the stairs a turned out to be a horrifying £10 - £14 per week!!!!! On chocolate!!!!!!!!!!

Approx £2 per day on a chocolate bar,packet of crisps and a can or bottle of coke.Sometimes more,sometimes less.£14 x 52 weeks = £728.Crikey! That's a holiday abroad! Or even a car!

So,once February ends (I've just made the transition from weekly to monthly pay so it's going to be a horrendously tight 6 weeks.Any budget saving tips or cheap meal ideas
greatly appreciated) we've vowed to put that money away each week and that will go towards our Australia fund or our Xmas in Germany this year.

I'm still absolutely flabbergasted that I was spending that much a week just on chocolate.I always felt disgusting making my daily trip to the same corner shop,where the guys know me.I always felt they must've been looking at me disgustedly when I came in (even though they are nothing but friendly)as the routine was always the same - to the fridge for the coke,to the crisp ailse and then the chocolates.But I never actually thought of the financial effect,and of course now I look back and think I was putting that crap into my body every day!

Oh well,I keep telling myself to keep looking forwards and not worry about all that.
Hope everyone else is doing well,by the way,check out Alice's blog.She's just written a wonderful post which felt like she was literally pulling the thoughts out of my head.xox


Sophie said...

yay I can finally comment...for some reason it wouldn't let me before. love your blog :)
I think in 6 months we should have a huge WW blogger meet up somewhere and we can all finally meet everyone lol x

Luccii said...

Hope your weigh in went well, I know what you mean about the chocolate, its amazing how it all adds up. I love your blog pictures.

Alice said...

Aww, you plugged me in your blog! Thank you. xxx

Man your choc/crisps habit cost nearly as much as the smoking habit! Bet that was a bit of a shocker. For a split second, I imagined someone trying to light up a Cadbury Chocolate Finger just so they can stop smoking. Oh, the fun things that goes inside my head.

Good work on the 12 days without chocolate - true inspiration! I hope you manage to save up that cash for a nice holiday. You totally deserve it. :)

Alice said...

Oh, shoot. I forgot to say something about the WW forums - what is that all about? All this in-fighting. I tend to just keep myself to myself and only message back to people wanting help or WI results these days as all this bickering is starting to feel a bit... playground. Depressing!